I Love Panera! Here's Why:

I briefly worked at a new Panera as one of my many college-break jobs. I say briefly cuz my waistline demanded early retirement!! :teehee: I love just about everything in that place.

Here’s a good one for ya’! I bought myself a PANERA gift card…for myself…and loaded $100 on it. Got tired of being short on cash! :pout:

WOW! Artlady you could do a commerical for them. My mother :heart: this place. I’d never heard of it till last summer when we went to one in Florida. GOod soup. THen one opened up in Portland and when she came to visit for christmas we went and she was happy. I must admit they are good. Nice atmosphere too. Soft comfy chairs, a fireplace, wireless. I’ll have to go back one day when I can take myself to lunch.

Oh and Artlady I left you comment on one of your yarns :teehee: at Ravelry

Thanks Femmy! I just read it about 5 minutes ago…and sent a reply! Thanks ever so much for your ideas! :heart:

I sent you the details (at Ravelry) about what I think I’ll end up doing with this yarn! :eyes:

Actually, when DH and I go out to eat…morning, daytime, or evening…the only place we usually go is PANERA’S! I don’t know why! We live in an area where there are hundreds of other options.

I guess it is because:

  1. the food is great
  2. the service is fast
  3. the atmosphere is warm
  4. the prices, while NOT CHEAP, are good

Our bill is usually $24-$27. We each have to get a soup, I have to get that salad I love (Asian Chicken Sesame), and DH has to get that hot sandwich…and coffee…and sometimes a couple of COBBLESTONES end up coming home with us for breakfast the next day!

We just never get tired of Panera’s!

Last year, during some horrid ice & wind storms here in our area…when something like 1.5 million homes and businesses had POWER OUTAGES…(our home, too)…[B]PANERA’S [/B](and surrounding businesses in downtown Kent) [B]had power! [/B]You shoulda seen the masses of folks who showed up for EATS! The area that PANERA’S is in was like an [B]OASIS! [/B]

OT: Our region’s POWER OUTAGES weren’t totally resolved for weeks. It’s all those trees we have in all of our mountains. They fell and knocked out the big power towers and lines. Very dangerous for the linemen!


I am so burned out on Panera. My best friend is from upstate New York and it is the only place she will eat. She says that our area doesn’t have any good places to eat. She only likes Panera. But she also ONLY orders the SAME thing everytime. Never varies. She will call me up and say, “Hey, I’m bored, let’s meet at Panera for lunch.” I’ve tried coaxing her to other places, but she is SO hesitant to try anything else. She doesn’t like Mexican, she only likes some Asian, and she ate at a mom and pop deli one time and was disappointed so she only goes to chain restaraunts now. So after eating at Panera every 4 or 5 days for 6 months I can’t stand going in there anymore. Maybe if my friend had decided to try something else once in a while I’d still like to eat there. :frowning:

I’m still burned out on Panera, too. My dh and I lived in Ann Arbor for a few years and that was one of the few restaurants up there that we liked. Panera and some place called Noodle Co. or something like that…
Anyway, a Panera recently opened about 16 miles from where we live (that’s close, I live in the country) and I still havn’t been. I think that I like Corner Bakery better. I think its a chain as well. At least, they are all over Texas.

Oh, I should never have opened this thread 'cause now I really want Panera! :teehee:

I love their turkey artichoke sandwich. That’s the one I get almost every time we eat there. YUMMY:muah:

I get them for my staff when we have early morning meetings. They are soooo yummy!