I Love Panera! Here's Why:

I just have to say that I love this place!!!

Twice a week, I work in my company’s field offices. To get to one of them, I have to pass Panera, which is about 45 minutes from my house. They have a sandwich called the Mediterranean Veggie that’s just delicious.

Anyhow, I love this sandwich, so I try to stop by and grab one each week. It’s a nice treat that I really look forward to. It makes my hour drive so much more worth it.

So I walked in, mouth watering, and placed my order.

“Hon, we don’t have hummus.”

Um…that’s one of the main parts of the sandwich. I’m dumfounded. She says, “We’re supposed to get some today.” It’s already 1:15pm, and I’m on my way home.


I get ready to turn around, deciding I don’t want the hot chocolate I was going to order with it.

So, the gal offers another veggie sandwich, “Try such-and-such, on us.”


I tried to explain that I wasn’t trying to get something for free. She said that she could tell how disappointed I was (I’m not good at covering my feelings…my face speaks all, my mom always told me).

So I tell her I want a hot chocolate too, which she tells me I’ll need to pay for. No problem. I’ve already saved $7. As she’s ringing up my food, I try to hand her my credit card. “Nope,” she says, “That’s on us too.”


What a treat. Today is my daughter’s birthday, and I’m trying so hard to make it special for her. It was nice to be treated the same way by someone else.

So, if you ever drive by one of these places, stop and say, “Auburnchick said y’all are the best.” :teehee:

No, I don’t get a commission. I just like to give praise where it’s due. She really made my day. I’m going to write a letter to their corporate office now…

I love Panera! There’s one right around the corner from my house. Their frozen coffee thingies are to die for!


Soooo Chicky, how did your daughter like her earrings? I have been dying to find out. If she doesn’t like them, you can adopt me and I guarantee that I will LOVE them!!

Sweet sixteen! I would not be that age again if you paid me a million dollars.

Mmmmm, Panera. I LOVE their Panini’s. Particularly the Smokehouse Turkey and the Turkey Artichoke. Lucky for me, my knitting group meets there. :slight_smile:

We had something similar happen to us once. They didn’t have something I ordered and it was taking a while to get what we did order, so they kept offering us free things.

I love Panera. I like most of the items they have on the menu. The closest one to me is the next town over, but I do get there once in a while to go to Panera.

One opened about one minute from where I work a month or so ago. I think everyone was more excited about that than we should’ve been, hehe.

Oooh, I love their Mediterranean Veggie! Every time we go there, I get that, the fresh fruit, and an I.C. Mocha! They have the best fresh fruit I think I have ever tasted!

I can’t believe I am even reading this! Should never have opened this at 7am as now I am hungry!!! I may have to brave the cold and go out for lunch today…the Sierra Turkey (I think it is) the one on the tomato bread…:eyes: . Sorry, Lean Cuisine…soup and sandwich today.:woohoo:


I have never been there, but there is one near DH’s office and he dearly loves it. Now I’m going to have to venture out and try it! LOL!


They seem to get a kick out of giving things away for free. I got a free chai there, though I’m not sure if the guy was going through the motions (he looked like he was about to flatline) or if it was sort of in apology for some dumb cow walking right ahead of me in line. Yeah, I was visibly standing there.

Best thing from there? The sourdough bread bowls. No, gross, I don’t put soup in them. Soggy bread, gag. I eat them like sourdough rolls. Mmmm. <3

I love Panera too! But I greatly miss their Tuscan Chicken Sandwich. :verysad: Their cheese crossaints are to die for!!!

I couldn’t resist. I had a doc appt. earlier and the office is right near a Panera. So now I’m munching on a Turkey Artichoke panini while I catch up with my boards. :slight_smile:

Glad I could be of assistance! :roflhard:

ok, tjis is so not fair! It’s after 9, I’m exhausted, now starving for their broccoli cheddar soup.

hmmmm I don’t go in till 10 tomorow… I could pick up one of their pasteries. or… pick up some soup on my way home…

Ok… auburnchick… you are being an enabler!


There is a new (1 YR OLD) Panera Bread within walking distance from my house!

My favorite soup: Low Fat Black Bean
My favortie salad: Asian Chicken Sesame with Cilantro
My favorite pastry: The Cobblestone!
DH’s favorite sandwich: Hot Chicken Panini with Artichoke



That would just be too much for me. I would be a regular. Heck, I’d just have my check direct deposited in their account.

Lucky you!!!

I usually have to wait until we go to soccer tournaments to get Panera, but at least with me working in our field office, I at least get it once a week.

Lucky you…


We don’t have Panera in Canada (probably just as well) but I visit when in U.S. I love the cinnamon raisin bread but everthing I have tried has been great.