I love my oh!

OK, kinda a predictable post seeings as it’s Valentines day here, but I just gotta post or I’ll burst.

We were in a yarn store at the weekend… which he asked me if I wanted to go in whilst we were over the other end of town…

So he gets brownie points already for mentioning it, and I said ok… thinking “I can’t really afford any more yarn, but I like this shop and they sometimes have nice bits in, so looking can’t hurt…”…

We came out with 6 balls… 4 for a throw and another 2 for a current project… and he bought me them…!!! Feeling well spoilt already, we then split up in town and we went to get each other cards.

I shoulda realised something was afoot when he picked WHSmiths…

Along with a very cute card, he got me a journal. Gorgeous… only - it’s been written in.

Little stories about me n him - some real, some fantasy, dreams, how he feels about me, what I am to him… and in it, he gives me a clue that there’s a pressie upstairs in a box.

Off I go, and find pressie… “Lovers Book, for the lover who’s best at everything” Aww…!

Then, on the very last page he’s written a little entry, (he’s been doing this in every spare moment since the weekend…) that there’s another pressie upstairs under the bed. That he hopes that I’m not too dissappointed that I didn’t get an IPod Nano but he hopes what is under the bed makes up for it.

I have been having a bit of a joke about this with him, he said I nearly ended up with one for christmas, so I came back with, “Well it is nearly valentines day…” And winding him up - just occasionally about the nice pink ipod… Thinking, that it’s way too much money for a valentine pressie.

What’s under the bed?

A PINK Ipod Nano!!! Apparently it’s a Christmas and valentine pressie combined! (Seeings as christmas was a bit tight this year!!!)

He is in SO Much trouble when he gets home!!!

You know… the good kind of trouble!!!


hehe, good for you! Bonus points to him for getting the pink nano; that’s my favorite color :slight_smile:

Luck you. Have a great Valentines day.

That so sweet! I’m very jealous- we can’t have our Valentine’s day yet, but hopefully soon. Sounds like you have a very sweet hubby!

What fun! I love my iPod - hubby and I each got the new iPod touch…love it!!

oh I love that journal idea! Wow points for him! Have a GREAT day!!!

How nice.

The journal idea was one that kinda spun off from a present his sister was doing for her boyfriend, only she was doing like a scrap book thing with photos of them.

Fantastic idea… only it’ll be a while before it can be repeated!! lol!

That is so sweet!