I love my new specs and

Loving my new spectacles; loving my new laser printer that Lonnie got…printing like fool, at least now I can SEE what I am printing :wink: . Loving my new book my sweetness surprised me with yesterday (Knitting on the Edge to go with the Knitting Over the Edge he got 1st)
BUT MOST OF ALL…I :heart: :inlove: :heart: that my good friend Barbara decided to join us :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: …you will know her as ‘akwolf’ … so ya’ll look for her and give her the KH treatment I’ve been telling her all about, please :wink: .
Ya’ll know that I told her how wonderfully great, sweet, kind, funny, masterful, knotty :XX: :XY: :x: friends that you all are :wink:

You got glasses huh? Kool! I really need to get my eyes checked soon. They hurt when I’m knitting or on the computer and have been watering like crazy. I hadn’t been noticing any sight changes until I was at work yesterday and everything seemed so foggy and they hurt again. Ugh. I’m going to have to wait until next payday to do something about it :frowning:

I sure don’t deserve the kudos; with me what you see is what you get. I’m just a happy, caring, giving person…which, as Becka knows, really irks some people. It used to irk my ex-husband, too, which is why he’s my ex husband. :rofling:

I’m in Kalamazoo, MI. I knit,crochet, weave and spin. I work out of my home for Philips Medical Systems (Royal Philips Netherlands) and my other hobbies are golf, motorcycles, NASCAR. Have 2 grown sons and one little grandson out East, who I don’t get to see enough of. I was divorced 3 yrs ago (after 27 yrs) and I’m now married to my college sweetie, with whom I’d lost contact for over 30 yrs. :heart:

I have an online journal, the link is below, which I’m planning to update tonight or tomorrow with photos. Right now I’m into making felted purses, knitting lace, weaving kitchen towels and thinking about the ton of wool and fiber that needs to be spun.

In addition to giving money to the rescue/recovery effort down South, I’m planning to start making some knitted bears, etc to be given to children left with nothing. Probably go through the Salvation Army or Red Cross here in MI as the area is taking a thousand or so displaced families.

That’s about it in a nutshell. I’m glad Becka mentioned this forum to me. I can’t wait to start reading through back messages and to start offering help of my own.

:waving: Hi there! Welcome. :waving:

Welcome to KH Barbara! I am sure you’ll love it here :slight_smile:

Welcome to KnittingHelp.com, Barbara! It’s always good to have new blood to see what other folks are knitting. :XX: And any friend of Becka’s is…a friend of ALl of us! :smiley:

WELCOME!! :waving:

Welcome to the forum :waving:

I love all the waving Smiley’s!! Thanks for all the welcomes. Becka’s a classy lady; I’m glad to be her friend.

So good to have you… Welcome Barbara! :smiley:

Ya Sure Welcome ! :happydance:
Super duper to meet knew knitters! :XX:

That’s what I was doing!! Then the blurriness begins off & on as your ocular muscles get tired; of course the guy said it was bc of my age… :doh: like I didn’t already know that :roflhard: !! But, the difference is amazing! I still have periods where I get fuzzy, but they are shorter and shorter already, I called the office & was told that was normal but if it hasn’t cleared completely to come back in @ the end of the week to fix it up :smiley: . And I understand the payday thing…that’s when I got mine!! And will go again next payday for the shades :sunglasses:

FYI…Ya’ll will love Barbara :smiley: …maybe even as much as me :roflhard: :roflhard: …just playing :wink: ! And, as I told her…she’s gonna :heart: :inlove: :heart: ALL of ya’ll :wink:

Welcome Barbara! :waving: The knitted bears for the children is a great idea!!

Yay! Welcome Barbara. How did you get to be such good friends with celebrity? (celebrity aka sock maven aka lover of emoticons aka Rebecca)