I LOVE my mailman :-)

I TOTALLY agree, Carolina :wink:

sigh… :verysad: still no mixer :verysad:

I’m waiting for my Denise’s to get here for my b-day… although I’m sure when the mailman does deliver them dh will still make me wait till the 12th :verysad:

I am waiting on my new spinning wheel. I sent off the check last week - figuring 3 days in the mail (its only a couple states away), the weekend, another 3 days for the check to clear (dammit) and another 3 days shipping return, another weekend - ugh!! I probably wont get my wheel until Monday the 11th! Is this kind of torture legal??

Gee, all this talk about getting things in the mail makes me want to go order something! Oh wait, I did receive Zappos and Gap packages earlier this week (how quickly I forgot! :roflhard: ). But…I do need to order some addis for a hat I want to make and I know my brother would like a Dr Who scarf… :wink:

I have yarn coming to me and there is a lady painting a spindle for me that I am impatiently waiting on. still have another couple of weeks before I am allowed to be impatient but it is so hard to wait! :roflhard:


Hang in there! Stalk the tracking website! I’m waiting for an order from A Cook’s Wares, it’s killing me too!

:roflhard: :rofling: I’m not the only one that LOVEs delivery people…LOL!
I feel your pain about waiting so long! I did the same thing with my Sock I dvd! I ordered it from Joann’s bc I used the 50% off code…well, then they have SHIPPING PROBLEMS, which took about 2 weeks more while the shipping problems were being ironed out my dvd was sitting at some warehouse…I was being VERY IMPATIENT (I don’t know why bc I was working on other projects & couldn’t just drop them for these socks :roflhard: )…but, alas, it did arrive & it was worth the wait :cheering: :cheering: The thing I was questioning (gusset) was quickly understood as I watched her do it :wink:
Now…I await other things…YEAH, BABY :smiley:

I have nothing coming. :frowning: Oh, yeah, there’s the Master Card bill. That should keep me in check for a few days, anyway. :rollseyes:

I’ll see your mastercard bill and raise you several thousand. The last one had:

Swim camp 670
Eyeglasses 370
annual lawn 225
sound thingy for the tv 450
annual dog and cat visits 275

Oh yeah. good thing I am working overtime. Bad thing I don’t see the money for it until mid June@

You win!! Now let’s see who has a sale. . . . :rofling:

$670 swimcap :shock:

edit … oops … swim camp

I was thinking you could knit a swim cap from rubber bands and then use the $670 for yarn :slight_smile:

Okay, okay…I was talking about FUN THINGS…not bills…YUCKY :frowning:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

Well the swim camp and the stereo stuff certainly aren’t necessities…but they will make my life easier! Just glad its paid and out of the way.

You would have DIED waiting as long as I did for my spinning wheel.

Let me tell you the story…

I tried to find a spinning wheel that I could afford for about two months. I watched eBay everyday, scoured the local antique and consignment stores, etc. I didn’t think I would ever be able to afford to have a wheel of my own. (I’m a church organist and piano teacher, so I don’t have a ton of money.)

One day, I found a wheel at a local consignment store that was selling for $160. Even that seemed like more than I could afford, so I asked the person at the counter if I could buy it for $120. She said, “No, but it will be discounted by 20% if it doesn’t sell in 60 days.” I asked her when the 60 days would be up, and then I marked my calendar.

I went by the store at least once a week to make sure it was still there. I played with the wheel, and learned how to get a good rhythm with the foot pedal. I would check the wheel again, adjusting the cord that kept getting knocked off the wheel by children or mindless adults. I caressed the soft wood, and said, “One day, you will be mine!” :twisted:

Finally the day arrived when the 60 days were over, and I hopefully went to the consignment store once more. :pray: I kept saying to myself, “It’s probably gone now. Somebody else probably bought it yesterday.” I tried to resign myself to the fact that I might have to use my drop spindle for a little while longer. I walked in the door, and squinted to see where the wheel has been for the last 60 days. I saw the edge of it, peeking from behind a large chest of drawers! :cheering: I felt like it was calling to me, “Sandy, are you finally taking me home?”

I carefully controlled my steps through the store, so I wouldn’t damage any of the antiques, and finally got to the wheel. Nothing had been damaged, thank God. I looked it over again real good - thankfully it was still in good shape. I walked to the counter and asked if I could purchase it for 20% off since it had been there for over 60 days. They said that I could, and I handed them the money. The nice lady at the counter carried it up to the front for me, and then she said, “Oh…here is a box of stuff that goes with the wheel!”

To my amazement, in the box, there were all sorts of goodies! The owner’s manual for the wheel said that it is an “Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel” (Cool!) There was a nice set of hand carders, and several books on spinning. Along with this, there were about 11 small bags of different fibers for me to practice spinning! My eyebrows flew up and my mouth fell open when I realized the great deal I had just gotten! Get this…I only paid $130 for all that stuff.

So, in the end…two months of patience was greatly rewarded!

:smiley: Well, your patience certainly paid off…COOL :sunglasses:

I am glad you got your wheel!

I thought I was going to have to wait forever too. I put my wheel on layaway. I had planned to have it paid off bu June 1st. But my husband (never generous with hobby funds) had a sudden change of heart and decided that we could manage to pay it off sooner. I am very glad of that!
But I think his motives were personal. He had gone looking at wheels with me and decided to try to make one. He ordered some plans but I think he really wanted to see one in action, up close and personal.
I dont mind though - I got my way after all.

:smiley: Aren’t husbands just wonderful :heart: :inlove: :heart:

[color=green]oooooooooh preeeeeeeeeeeetty! they really are lucky that I came to work today at all after this arrived![/color]