I love my KP classic circulars!

I bought size 6 and 7 Knit Picks circulars (16") and I just started using the size 7s the other day. I :heart: them. Nice and lightweight, I love the points, and the cable is so flexible. :woohoo: I had used a pair of size 8 16" addis for the HP Gryfinndor scarf and thought nothing could top those. But I like these better, mostly for the more flexible cable.

I’m going to save up to buy some options. :woot:I don’t know if I want to buy the set–there are some sizes (11 and up) that I just never use.


and they’re so affordable, too! can’t beat that.

I haven’t bought any of the new 16in ones, but I bought a size 7 and 8, 24in to try and love them, too! I try to find projects to fit my needles rather than the other way around now. :roflhard: I need to get the set. :shifty:

I bought the set that has needle sizes 2-16. I’m glad to heard someone that likes them. I haven’t used mine yet…have to many other project on needles and with summer here ,no time to knit.

I returned my Denise set and got Options a few weeks ago and they are awesome!! I’ve used Addis and loved them, but the sharper point on the Options makes intricate stitches so much easier. Also the Options cable is thinner, which makes inserting a lifeline a snap. I haven’t had any problems with them coming unscrewed; of course, I always use the little tool provided to get them good and tight.