I love my job

WHY? Well first because they haven’t blocked this site yet…

and second (well really it’s first but i didn’t want to hurt y’alls feelings) they service ice cream down in the convenience store. every day… sundaes… yup. and i am about to go down and make me one…lol

ooh and they have a convenience store, a hair salon, and a dry cleaners… how cool is that?

but really… it’s all about the sundaes. :inlove:

Geeze, you’re lucky…where do you work because I want your job. we haven’t gotten KH blocked either. But the closest thing we have to sundaes was our summertime ice cream social. Just a one time thing though.

Whoa…where do you work?? That’s really cool. I want a sundae… :teehee:

OOHH I want some Ice Cream… What a cool place to work.

It’s always nice when your job provides “fringe” benefits like those!

I work in a law firm that has refrigerators on each floor stocked with juices and sodas. They provide snacks in the afternoons and donuts on Fridays, as well as a nice staff luncheon once a quarter. I remember being like :happydance:when my boss first showed me everything. Her words were, “They like to keep us happy.”


Ice cream??? :???: Donuts??? :?? Gosh, I wanna work where you guys do! Please! :flirt:

P.S. to AuburnChick-I work in a law office, too. My biggest perk–I get to eat lunch at my desk :woohoo: :roflhard:

No really, its ok-we are a two attorney, a legal assistant (yours truly) and a secretary office in a small town so there’s not a lot of perks.

Well, my law firm has three offices in other cities. I know that one of the offices doesn’t get donuts on Fridays, but their dress code is much more relaxed than the “home” office. I will say, though, coming from the government sector, private industry is quite different!

Oh, and you should see us on Fridays. We’re all looking out the windows waiting for the runner to bring the donuts in. The donut place fixes a box for each floor, and we all run to get our favorite kind before they’re gone. :teehee:

I’ve always kidded around with our secretary that I wished a donut truck would stop by the office in the morning and now I know there[B] really[/B] is one but it only stops by YOUR office :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: Dang it!

Shouldn’t that be FUDGE benefits? :lol:

So how much weight have you all gained…?

I don’t think I’ve gained anything. Since we don’t have snack machines, I don’t get the stuff I used to at my old job. I only work part-time and miss the snacks in the afternoon. I rarely eat anything before I come home…skip breakfast and work through lunch to give me an extra hour of pay.

lol well it is a little bit of a journey to get to the ice cream (not sure if standing in an elevator counts as excercise though :wink: ) and actually i have been there about 3 weeks and yesterday was the first time i actually decided to go ahead and get some. If you check my inadequately update blog you will see some not so subtle hints as to where I work.

Honestly i am delighted by how well they try to take care of us there. The actual benefits are great, they have a great selection for lunch if i want to eat in, they make sure our work stations are built to suit our need ergonomically, lots of groups that you can belong to (even a chess club…lol. ooooh i should start a knitting group! :wink: ) it really is great. coming from an environment where the owner didn’t shut down the business during a huge snow storm where the mayor asked the businesses to send everybody home or not even open to this is great.

but seriously… the ice cream! :teehee:

Well, I don’t get ice cream sundaes but since I work at a cheese spread manufacterer … I get all the free cheese I want. :mrgreen:

lol well i am not a fan of most cheeses but i think for the vast majority of people that would be the best benefit EVER…lol i am just that weird girl who doesn’t like bread much OR cheese… and yes… sin of all sins… i LOATHE grilled cheese sammiches… :teehee:

At my old job there was a little coffee shop in the lobby that had ice cream. I never had any (li’l problem with lactose) but they had fruit salads, sandwiches, snacks, cereal, etc. It was just like a mini grocery. Also there was a restraunt, that I never went to… someone had a roach in their salad once. But a lot of others in the office went down to those places every day. Just my luck, when I quit they were putting in an Au Bon Pain… I would have liked that!!! But I am glad for you that you love your job! It makes getting up and going to work so much nicer when you like where you are going!!

Geez PurlyGyrl, they let you eat lunch?? I gave up drinking any liquid between 8:30 and 5:00 so my boss won’t follow me into the ladies’ room. HE has been known to follow me down the hall or yells for a phone number as I’m coming back. (The following really happened and had one of the other secys in stitches.) :roflhard:

Sheesh, lawyers!

Cheesie!! :roflhard: Well, I had one lawyer wait outside the restroom door and when I opened the door, he jumped at me like a jack-in-box and said “Denise, I need a label for this file!” While still standing INSIDE the bathroom I said “Well, James I don’t have any labels in here–let me get back to my desk!” He just stood there looking puzzled. :roflhard:

Yep, lawyers love 'em or hate 'em, can’t kill 'em (although it would be justifiable homicide!!!:teehee:)

:verysad: I’m glad they feed you well with Ice cream…

I’m a legal secretary, or what we lovingly refer to as a masochist!:roflhard: (Actually, if I had killed him when I first thought about it, I’d be outta jail now.)