I love Malabrigo!

I’m working on my second lace scarf with Mmmmmm and just ordered on line a hank of Mmmmmm’s “Shocking Pink” :hug: to knit a scarf for my son’s girl friend for Christmas. Her favorite color is pink so I think that color will “work”.

:cheering: isn’t it nice? I made the my so called scarf and fetching out of one hank I had… the scarf isn’t a long one but it will work… I have 3 of another color that I keep holding on to can’t figure out the perfect project for it :rofl:

Yay Celine!

Oh, Mmmmmmmm is soooo wonderful!

Yay!!! I must say, I very much enjoyed my 1st hank! I, too, made a scarf, like dusti said, it’s not really long (5 ft), but it’s long enough for my sis, so she will get it for Christmas!
OH, the gf is gonna love it!!!

Dusti, I say do a scarf, fingerless mittens and a hat :cheering:

I like scarves for me to be just long enough to cross in front of my neck and then close my coat. Just to keep the wind or chill off my throat.

For my son’s girl friend I will make her scarf thin and longer. I’ll just keep knitting until the hank is almost gone. I know the younger folks seem to like their scarves long.

Can’t wait to get the hank in the mail. The closest yarn shop that sells it is 30 miles away and I thought ordering it on line was faster and cost less in gasoline money. lol

My LYS is not open today and I did not want to wait to purchase plus I’m not even sure if she sells Mmmmmm. I’ll have to find out for future reference.

yeah! mmmmmmmmalabrigo fan club!! :cheering: I’m making the hourglass sweater out of it for myself. If I run out my LYS is now carrying it. yeah! :cheering:

Well the online place where I ordered my Mmmmm from just emailed me that the one I want is sold out. So she asked if I had a second choice. So I emailed with my second choice and that too is sold out. Too bad she doesn’t UPDATE her website. So I said “I tried” :shrug: to please credit my card. I’m disappointed. Will have to search for it someplace else now.

Have you tried Webs? I don’t know if they have a color you’re looking for, but they now have stock quantities on their site. :cheering:

i would like for you to know that this post forced me to go digging around in my malabrigo stash to pet it! hmph…and then a hank ended up wound up and now is sitting here in my lap waiting to be cast on…and i had a sock to finish tonight! :tap:

yes i am blaming you all!


:rofl: I made a little hank/skein from what little malabrigo I had left from making the scarf and fetching… I hooked it to my scissor so now I can pet it whenever I want to :teehee:

I thought of a scarf, mitten, hat set… its just I’m not sure after I use the last 3 skeins up I’ll get more :oops: so I keep saving it to pet or hopes that something will scream this is what I’m made for… your malabrigo :rofl: