I love long tail CO, but

It is never stretchy enough, to me. So, browsing through YT vids and I find this lady doing a stretchy long tail CO the HARD way. So, I tweaked it, going to have my son record me doing it, and post it on YT

Well, really, Paula, you have to let us know which video you watched. :slight_smile:

that is the original video I watched, I am trying to get my son to film me, but he is not cooperating, ugh teenagers!

It does seem overly fiddley. Is it similar to German cast on, which does give a stretchier edge?

Yeah, I just went and found that video too. I think it’s a different way to do the same thing. I really have to learn this one.

ETC (edited to clarify) I need to learn the German cast on in Amy’s video. :slight_smile:

Uh yeah…I’d just go with twisted German co. It’s easier and quite stretchy. Also lots of videos including KH so no fiddling with making it up and then forgetting it.

nope, that isn’t it, been looking for the one I did all day, seems so far no luck, so hopefully one of the boys will film it for me tomorrow and someone can tell me what it is called