I love knitting!

Why is this so fun? Why is it that I didn’t find knitting years ago?
Thank you so much to KnittingHelp.com, whose videos helped me when I would have otherwise dropped it. I’m so glad I found you!!

Hi and welcome to the forum. I find that knitting is addictive. I just finished a sweater and a shawl this morning and my daughter took them home with her. Now I’m back on another sweater, a WIP. I was looking for some yarn I had misplaced and my daughter had the nerve to suggest that I hoard yarn! :noway: :noway: I explained to her that it isn’t a hoard it’s a stash. She laughed. :roflhard: Even when I end up ripping it out, there is just something about the process of knitting that I find therapeutic and, yes, fun. The folks here offer such good, friendly, useful advice and help…without knittinghelp I’d probably have given it up as a lost cause.

We’re glad you found us too. There are so many reasons why knitting is fun. Welcome to KnittingHelp!

Welcome to Knitting Help! :thumbsup: I wish I’d started knitting long before I finally did, too!

Knitting certainly has it’s moments, and then again it has it’s MOMENTS! What I mean by that is it’s a mixture of fun and not so fun–knitting knitting knitting being the fun aspect and frogging, tinking, and royally screwing things up being the not so fun part!

And you’re right about KH. I am indebted to this site many times over for not only helping me learn the basics but also for the many wise posts and answers to questions! And for inspiration, too! Seeing all the finished objects makes me want to finish something myself.

Now I need a “KH” for exercising (I know they’re out there; I just haven’t found a good one yet).