I love knitting... (warning...details in this post may not be for the squeamish)


knitting is a nice way to relax, especially when you are tired and have a puffed up foot…haha… (I have on my foot what looks like a big ace bandage with tape…oh, and there are a couple of toes sticking out)

i had foot surgery yesterday afternoon. I now have a completely straight big toe (my toes both curved in at the joint, not the metatarsal).Unfortunately, I now have a screw in my toe, so I cant move my big toe at all anymore. The screw runs nearly the entire length of my big toe.

I shall hopefully have my second surgery in July (left foot was fixed this time, right foot will be next time)

on the plus side, I am working on a hat in Simply Soft Shadows in Dark Moss and a ribbed scarf in Wool Ease Wheat:woohoo:

I’m not grossed out by that. My daughter had ACL reconstruction surgery in February, and it was pretty :ick:.

It sounds like you’re making the best of your time off of your feet! GREAT attitude!! Hope you aren’t in too much pain, though. Take your meds! On a full stomach! And then happily knit on!


Wishing you a speedy recovery… and what an opportunity to knit more!! (ahhh silver lining)

Now, when you say can’t bend your big toe “anymore” do you mean like “forever” or just until they can take the screw out (not very knowlegeable about this stuff)? I only ask because, I broke my big toe when I was younger… and I couldn’t bend my big toe for several of years… It was weird:rofl: to me… of course no one else knew!

Heal fast and enjoy the knitting time!

Hope it heals fast and well! Sounds like you have a good attitude, which will definitely help it along. Enjoy your knitting time. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Absolutely, a good attitude will help you heal faster. Enjoy you’re bonus knitting time!

Happy healing! At least it you don’t knit with your feet. One of my knitting friends is having surgery on her hands next month and will be unable to knit for 6 weeks!

I had that done years ago and would never have it done again. I hope yours goes well as mine did not. My doctor cut the tendon so I can not move the toe at all. Never told me he was going to do that. So good luck to you, yours sounds like you had it done the right way.
Heal fast and happy knitting to ya.:hug:

i had this done to
had both done at the same time
striaghtened toes and removed bunions
sorry that i didnt do it long before i did
one thing to watch out for when you do get to wearing
socks make sure that they dont pull your toes in
that can cause problems
nylons are a no no
good thing i dont wear skirts
you will feel wonderful when all is healed

Speedy recovery to you. Knitting is a good healer :slight_smile:

I dont think that the screw will be taken out , so I think that it means forever. I dont know

Thanks for the well wishes everybody. Recovery is a difficult process. Im trying to at least learn to walk a little.( I have a post op shoe that I wear so that I can put weight on my foot)

The screw is forever! It sounds like the same surgery I had. My toe no longer bends down at that joint, but it does bend up so walking, running, etc. is not a problem.

Do you also have a pin in the side of your foot? After the cutting, screwing and stitching, I had a pin sticking out the side of my foot to stabilize everything. They removed the pin after 6 weeks.

Happy speedy recovery! I am very glad I had it done!



Take good care of that foot! :hug:

:teehee: I’m a squeamish type so I’m not sure I can read your first post…but I can see it’s something with the foot…

I hope your foot is better soon and you feel better!! :hug:


no pin
just a screw

yes,haha, it was something to do with my foot

i had foot surgery to straighten my toe

recovery is a slow and painful process, I am having to learn to walk again without the crutches that I have been relying on

thanks for the hug

I am able to walk with one crutch or no crutch at all

I have had to change the shoe on my right foot to one that had an inch or at least half an inch of heel all around because my left foot with post op shoe is a lot higher off the ground than a flat shoe

oh yeah, and I finished my hat. I might try to get a picture up of it within the next few days because I have been borrowing my sisters Macbook so I could use the internet and study. It has really pretty coloring. The pattern is the garter stitch 2 needle hat from Knitting and Crochet for Dummies Illustrated 2nd edition.

Feel better soon. I have read that wool fumes accelerate the healing process.

sending you healing thoughts :hug: