I love knitting socks, but

I have a love hate relationship with handknit socks. I love knitting them but I hate sock yarn cause its so thin. I like a thicker, at least worsted weight yarn, to knit with. I have not been able to find any chunky type wool other than WoolEase but it doesn’t hold up very long for socks. However these socks( ones made with WoolEase Chunky ) are really nice and warm. I got to thinking about my wool sock yarn ( the real stuff ) and how it would be nice if it were thicker.

Do you think I could use 2 strands of the same yarn to make it thicker? I know the socks would be more expensive but maybe more to my liking? I don’t think it would matter if the yarn were self striping as it would blend together into a different pattern( I don’t much like the stripes anyway, as they remind me of the old Wizard of Oz movie evil witch stockings, or Pippi Longstocking stockings ).

If you double sock yarn that will be a light worsted or dk weight which work fine for socks. They’d be a bit thick for shoes, but might be okay for loose boots and for wearing with slippers around the house.

All of my socks are thick as I wear almost nothing but running shoes so the extra padding would be great.

Are you on Ravelry? Because you can search by weight and use the term sock and you get all kinds of choices. Here’s a few in various weights bigger than fingering.


DK- hmm…if these links don’t work right go to advanced search and select sock yarn and then type in DK or whatever in the keyword blank.

There’s actually too many in the heavier weights to list.:teehee:

I just finished a beautiful pair of heavy worsted weight socks today out of new Stitch Nation Alpaca Love - 80% wool and 20% alpaca. They are thick and warm. I highly recommend this yarn. Made a pair of mitts too. I have made a few pairs of socks from Encore worsted from Plymouth yarns. One yarn I plan to try sometime is Raggi, a heavy worsted in several tweeds and solid colors, machine washable wool. I recommend a plied yarn for strength. Don’t use woolease or you’ll be sorry.

KnitPicks has sport weight sock yarn. It’s great! I also like to double sock yarn to get a nice weight.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts has a sock yarn called Socks that Rock-Heavyweight which is sport weigh. Not as thick as worsted but thicker than fingering. I have never tried it but it comes in gorgeous colorways, I am asking for some for my birthday. :slight_smile:

Knit Picks also has wrosted weight superwash wool that they have a pattern written for for toe up two at a time socks.

Thanks for all the replies. I hadn’t realized that wool yarn came in different weights like normal yarn does. I thought it was all made into really anorexic diameter stuff like the sock yarn. I hesitate to order online because I can’t really “see” the colorways. I can see just fine but the colors show up different on a monitor, and, what looks good on the screen may not look good when it finally gets here.

I have bought wool sweaters in colors I like to take apart for the yarn, but the yarn still looks/feels so thin, even when the sweater looked so thick. The closest LYS that sells good yarns is 3.5 hours away and I don’t go there often anymore (mom used to have chemo there). I guess I will have to bite the bullet and give the online stores a shot or make the 3.5 hour drive to Little Rock, Memphis or St Louis and see what they have in colors/weights I like.

I make socks from Lorna’s Laces shepherds worsted 4.5 sts, works for me. The pattern is from Knitting Pure and Simple. They have several basic worsted patterns for this wool. I also double up the heel so it doesn’t wear out. I am a new sock knitter so this pattern is VERY basic, but comes in lightweight, worsted and bulky. Good luck.:happydance: Oh, Jimmy Beans Wool.com is great because they have a tool that matches up yarn with your pattern and gives you choices, or you can choose a weight and find a pattern.

Many commercially made sweaters are made from thin yarn and they’re machine knit at more of a sock gauge. So you could use 2 strands of it to make your socks, and that would get you the thicker ones you want.

I’ve made nice thick socks with two strands of Plymouth Encore DK which is 75% acrylic and 25% wool.


Good idea with the DK. I have made several pairs with the Encore Worsted and they have worn well but two strands would be even better. I’ve made neck warmers with the DK and it’s an even nicer yarn than the worsted. Also made a jade green lacy scarf with the DK that turned out well.