I love knitting socks but am so slow!

I absolutely love knitting socks, but have found I’m very slow at it. I’m doing 2 at a time on circulars, the patterns aren’t difficult but it seems to take so long. It’s probably the small needles and thin yarn. There’s so many I want to make. I’m just curious how long does it take you to knit a pair of socks? Maybe I’ll find I’m not as slow as I think.
Or, does anyone have any suggestions?

I’m new to knitting and new to knitting socks. It takes 2 weeks to knit a pair of toe down socks on 2 circulars.

I think the first couple of pairs go a little slow because you are learning the steps and double-checking everything. Each pair will get easier (until you start experimenting with different kinds of heels and patterns, that is).

Because I can’t seem to devote enough time to knitting and I have some serious knitting ADD, it takes me on average a month or two to finish a pair, regardless of the pattern. The more interested I am, the quicker I go, but it still takes me forever.

If I were to knit a sock without stopping for any breaks, it would probably take me about a day, maybe two if it were a complicated pattern. But I can’t focus on one thing for that long! It does get faster, though, as you get more experience with turning heels and grafting toes.

I use DPN’s, and it takes me abut 4-5 days to finish a pair in sock yarn and 0-3 needles.

Wow, Conti, you are fast!

I am new to sock knitting, and it’s taking me about 3-4 weeks to finish a pair on size 1’s.

I sure hope it gets faster!!

If I stuck to just knitting a pair of socks, it would probably take me about two weeks, if I am lucky.

Like Vendie I have knitting ADD.

I can usually do a pair in about two weeks if I am knitting on nothing else. However, I tend to keep a “big” project going and save my socks for knitting in the car or in waiting rooms or just when I’m tired of the other project. Therefore, it usually takes me about a month if I’m knitting with 1s, slightly less if I’m knitting with 2s. I work full-time, and I don’t have a commuter time on a train or bus, so I don’t get to use sock knitting for that purpose either. (I’m not complaining–my commute is 6 blocks.)

knitting socks usually takes me over a month. When I only knit socks, I can finish them in about 2 weeks, and when I have to knit secretly (like my mom’s socks now) it can take even much longer.

I’ve been working on the same pair for 3 weeks now. I have one done and about 1-1/2 inches away from doing the toe on the second. (I haven’t really worked on it in a couple of days.) This seems particularly long for me since I’ve finished a pair in under 2 weeks. But…this is the first time I’ve tried using two circs (US #2) and the sock is just a k2p2 rib. The leg of the sock is 8" long. Maybe I’m bored with the pattern. I’m wondering if the 2 circs is what’s slowing me down. I’m not sure if I like this method over the dpns, but the next pair I’m going to try 2 socks at once on 2 circs. I almost lost this pair to SSS (second sock syndrome).

If I didn’t have to take care of my kids, I could probably get a pair done in 2 days. However, with life’s interuptions, if it’s my ONLY wip, I can get a pair done in a week. But, I prefer to have multiple wip’s so a pair of socks usually takes 3 weeks to a month.

It usually takes me about 2-3 weeks to make a pair of socks, and I only do one project at a time. I often wonder how some people can knit so fast. :shrug:

I just finished a pair of jaywalker socks and they took me exactly two weeks to finish, without knitting anything else. I work full-time so get some knitting time in the evening, and more on the weekend.

[color=indigo]I’ve knitting 8 pairs since the first of February. But…that’s all I’ve knitted. And I’m a SAHGM and have lots of time to devote to knitting.

It just depends on how much knitting time a day one has, how fast one is, how familiar with the pattern, etc. Knitting a plain vanilla sock is much faster than a lace sock. Anklets are faster than knee high socks.[/color]

I just finished a pair in 5 days total. Granted they are simple stockinette and I have a solid 3 hours to knit per evening with very little interruption. Since I’m going to try something a little more challenging this time I imagine it will be much slower going.

I feel so much better. My time seems to be average! I wish I had more time, this working full time is really cramping my knitting style! :happydance:

I’ve been working on the same pair for weeks. But with my 10 month old son, some days I don’t get any knitting in at all.

I’m guessing 7-10 hours per sock (so 14-20 hours per pair), depending on if I have to rip anything out that bothers me. Mine are pretty plain vanilla. The only odd-ball thing I’m doing on the current pair on the needles is to continue the ribbing all the way down the ankle and across the instep. I love to do K2P2 ribbing!


What a strange man! Who likes K2P2 ribbing???