I love Knitpicks!

I bought my Options set over 2 years, one of my 24inch cables came apart a few days ago and I was just going to buy another one since it had been so long but when I called to try to have it put on an order I had already placed I decided to ask and they gave it to me without any questions at all.:cheering:

I agree. Their customer service is great. I’ve had to call them a few times and they’ve always been very friendly and helpful. It certainly makes spending that amount of money on something a lot easier!

that is nice to know! Yay for you!:cheering:

I agree, their customer service is awesome. They’ve replaced 2 tips that came unglued from the metal part and a broken cable.

I just called them today, because the shipping they charged on my last order was higher than it usually was. They checked and it was a mistake, so they credited my account right away.