I LOVE circular knitting!

I may never go back to regular needles! LOL

I figured it out today, and am SO glad I did. I love it. Seriously.


Isn’t it so much fun to learn a new skill? The first time I knitted in the round and made socks, wow! I was so thrilled!!! Glad your having a good time. :muah:

:woohoo: :woohoo:

Circular knitting is great–stockinette is SO much faster when you don’t have to purl. I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

:teehee: I felt the same way and haven’t used straights since!

Knitting in the round is wonderful. It makes like sooo much easier. Good job, you should be proud of yourself. :slight_smile:

It took me a while to get it down, but once I figured it out. I love it! I do have one problem I kinda fixed myself. casting on with a fuzzy, or boucle yarn. I have to cast on with a regular yarn, them swich to the fuzzy. You can’t tell if it is twisted or not.

Er, I’m knitting in the round, in stockinette, right now. How is it that you don’t have to purl? I’m new to it and can’t picture how that would work…

When you knit in the round you don’t have to purl to achieve stockinette stitch? I think I am confused. I am fairly new to knitting in the round and am still trying to get everything straight. What happens when you knit in the round and knit one row then purl the next? If someone could explain what is what when knitting in the round, I would be very thankful!

I love circular knitting as well.

For stockinette in circular, you just knit all the rows, that makes it stockinette. Because the wrong side never faces you, only the right side.

Yeah!!! Congratulations to you!!! Love learning new things that work and make a favorite pass time more enjoyable!

I didn’t want to ask that question. I’ve never knit in the round, But if it’s like they say, what is your stocking stitch coming our like?

Right now, I’m doing one row knit, one row purl, just turning the whole thing between rounds like I would with straight needles. I guess since it’s going around in a circle, the work kind of turns itself?

One more question: is the bind-off the same or is there a trick to it?

Those new to knitting in the round-
You might want to check out the view videos section of this site. It has a video for knitting on circular needles-knitting in the round. I have find the videos very helpful. Happy knitting!!

If you knit one round and purl the next you would get a garter stitch. The same as if you are knitting flat and knit every row. The back and front would look the same. If you are doing a stockinette stitch and you were knitting flat you would have to alternate each row-one row of knits, one of purls. One side of the fabric will have neat little knitted Vs all lined up, and the other side will have have purly bumps. If you were working a stockinette in the round you would knit every round, your Vs would be on the outside of your tube, and your bumps would be on the inside.

I definitely prefer to knit in the round, right now I am making my first scarf and this back and forth is killing me. I debated frogging the whole thing and knitting it in the round then seaming the two short ends together to make a double sided scarf, but I am already forty rows in and I don’t even know if I have enough yarn for that.

You shouldn’t have to turn your work when you are knitting in the round.

And if you are purling in the round you won’t be knitting stockinette, you will be doing a garter stitch.

You need to place a marker a the beginning of a round and continue knitting in the same direction, knit stitch only. The marker will let you know when you are starting a new round.

If you’re using the circs. to knit in the round, or a circular piece of work then the above statements are true, no purling. But if you’re using the circs. to knit flatwork then you will have to purl when due, like normally.