I lost my yarn bag with my yarn and all of my knitting needles!

I went to the hospital last night and decided it would be a good idea to knit while I waited, as this hospital has a reputation for being slow. When I left, I was certain that I had it with me, but now that I looked back I must have thrown it in the trash when I threw away the remains of my lunch! :wall: :wall: :wall:

Granted it was only skein of cheap yarn and my needles didn’t cost much but it was all that I had and I don’t have the money to replace anything.

Guess it wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Oh, I’m sorry. That’s not nice to have happen. Hospitals can make everything more difficult I think.

Oh, no! Can you go back and check that it didn’t slip down between seats or is hiding somewhere? Check at the desk that it wasn’t found and is waiting for you.

Yes, I should have left it at home but I thought it would be good to pass some time. I’m pretty sure I threw it away, as I had it in a Michael’s plastic bag and I had my lunch in another plastic bag of the same color. So when I dropped it in the trash, I must have put both in. Oh well, at least I didn’t have too much invested in them. I’ll get more needles and thread later. :slight_smile:

Oh no! Sorry about your knitting and hope you’re okay!

I have extra sets of straights I would be more than willing to send to you. They are not expensive needles. I think they are mostly the kind you get at the craft stores but they are yours if you want them. Just PM me your address if your interested.

Yes, I am fine, thank you. It’s alright about the knitting, I shouldn’t have been so careless. It’s actually not a big deal I was just so shocked that I had to tell someone. I’ll recover!

Thank you so much for your kind offer, nannaknits but my father has graciously supplied me with a replacement set, so I am back on track. Thank you again, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. :woot: