I Lost My Rings!

Okay, so here’s the story…DH and I went out last Sunday to do some shopping up in a town about 45 minutes away from our house. Something we never do. And we only went that far because the place that had the headboard I wanted was out that way and they have a nice mall out there too.

So anyway, we do our shopping and then decide to get a bite to eat at this restaurant called Red Robin. Never been there before, very good cheeseburger if I do say so myself. So we finish eating and we both use the restroom before we leave. I went first, came back to the table to pay and wait for DH, well, I had taken off my wedding rings and my right hand ring because my hands were still damp from washing them.

So I put them on the table (I remember doing this too :doh:) then the waitress comes to get the payment, I give her my card and she leaves. This is the crappy part, I don’t exactly remember putting them back on. :pout: :pout: :pout:

I know, I know, you’re asking what was I thinking taking them off!! I always do that when my hands are wet, they dry quicker. So we get home that night and my DH starts taking the entertainment center apart (we had bought a new one) and I ALWAYS put my rings there before I go to bed. That’s their spot.

So I go about my business Monday and didn’t even think about them being gone. Then comes Tuesday. I’m like, hey, where’s my rings??? I knew DH wouldn’t just toss them somewhere so I call him at work. He has no idea.

I have torn this house apart trying to find those rings and they are just gone. Then this morning I remembered taking them off at the restaurant on Sunday. So I called and the manager said that no one had turned any rings in so I’m out of luck there. I’ve checked every pocket of clothing I’ve worn since Sunday and they aren’t there either.

I’m just sick about it. But there is one positive thing about all of this…they’re not real diamonds.

BUT I’m still sick about it. I am so greatful they are fake and that it wasn’t my real wedding set that I carelessly took off. I could just kick myself for doing that. I really loved those rings and even though they were only valued at about $100.00 for both, I really liked them and I don’t have that kind of money to shell out for new ones for quite a while.

The moral of my story is this: Don’t take off your rings in a restaurant and expect someone to be honest and turn them in.

Of course they’re in for a big surprise if they try to sell them!!!:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

Awww… I’m sorry. Did you call them?? Maybe the bus boy or waitress picked them up.

I don’t take my wedding rings off for ANY reason. My sis has lost quite a few sets because she always gets mad at whoever she happens to be married to at the time and throws them at them.


I’m so sorry about this! My dh always loses sunglasses this way too, and they aren’t the cheap kind either.


My sis has lost quite a few sets because she always gets mad at whoever she happens to be married to at the time and throws them at them.


The moral of my story is this: Don’t take off your rings in a restaurant and expect someone to be honest and turn them in.

Oh, heck no. When I worked in a dept store, the jewelry salesclerk put her expensive diamond ring in the cleaning solution on the counter and somehow, though she never moved, someone stole it. Thieves are very, very quick.

I’ve eaten at Red Robin dozens of times. No, you won’t get your ring back, unfortunately. Sorry this happened. :frowning:

My husband lost his wedding band at work he is a diesel mechanic so he always takes it off then one day he went to get it and it was gone (his is real and cost more than mine.)I keep forgetting that he doesn’t have it untill we get together with friends and I see the other husbands with their wedding bands on then he goes back to the doghouse cause he should have locked it in his tool box!!His next band will be sterling silver instead of gold.

I’m so sorry, this has happened to you. You must have felt sick. I remember my Mum lost her engagement ring once, it’s welsh gold. She always took it off at the weekend to go to work, (she was a nurse and worked nights in a hospital). She rang me one morning in tears she couldn’t find it anywhere. I went off and we tipped her house upside down, and finally found it under the fridge!

I hope you are able to replace them with something soon.

About 7 years ago I love a ring that was my MIL’s rings. It was a ring that had diamonds from her first marriages (my DH’s father) and her second marriages, her mother’s wedding rings. She gave it to me after we had been married from a year. (been married now for 21)

Thank goodness we had gotten it insured. I love rings and have a lot. but funny thing That Ring was the only one I had gotten insured. When I lost it, we were on vacation. My MIL and FIL, both live in Florida at the time. ( I don’t get along with my MIL) We were not planning on going to Florida that year. But since I lost the ring and got the Insures money 1,000.00 We decided to go.

My FIL was going to be moving soon to SC. We spent a week there with Both of my DH parents. That was in the summer, later that year, Well Christmas Eve Morning, We get a call from my DH SMIL… saying that FIL just died of a heart attack.

We lost a ring but got to see FIL one last time before he passed away. We had not seen him in about 2 years before that.

I have since insured all of my rings and have lost 2 more.
:cry::waah::pout::frowning: I would love to have the rings back instead of the money. and Thank goodness nothing bad has happen since I have lost the other 2.

So sorry to hear about your lost. I know how you feel.

I’m so sorry you lost your rings. It really stinks when you loose something that means a lot to you even if it didn’t have a huge material value. I hope you can get something to replace them soon.:hug:

i am sorry to hear you lost your rings - real or not, they had sentimental value, i am sure, and i know how it feels to lose something you love.

we moved into our home last july, and not a week or two after the move, i lost my engagement ring. i remembered putting it on my finger in the morning, went to work, and didn’t think about it for the rest of the day - when i went to take it off at the end of the night, it wasn’t there - i tore the house apart looking for it, even went so far as to dig through my office’s central vacuum system - nothing. i mourned its loss and didn’t file a claim through insurance, in the hopes that it would turn up. this past april, we had a huge flood that covered our basement in 6 feet of water. everything was a mess, we had a huge cleanup, and as my husband was sweeping the last residual puddles of water towards the sump pump holes, what did he find on the basement floor? i must have taken my ring off and put it in my pocket (which i do sometimes when i’m applying lotion at work), and it fell out of the pocket while en route to the laundry. that was the only good thing to come out of the flood, but a pretty fantastically good thing it was!

I just called the restaurant again and the manager said they didn’t have anything. :pout: I’m just so surprised how upset I am about all of this. Seeing as they didn’t have any monetary value, but I am just :verysad:.

And seeing as how upset I am about fake jewelry, I can’t imagine the heartache I’d feel if it had been my real wedding set.

I just keep scolding myself for taking them off. (idiot :doh:) I’m off to check someplace else.