I lost my pattern for this baby blanket! Can you help me?

A while ago I had printed out the pattern for this heart baby blanket:

And I think I had printed it out from this Ravelry page. BUT that pattern had each row typed out - Row 1 all the way through Row 224. All you had to do was cross off each row as you did it.

I have since misplaced this pattern! :frowning: Unfortunately, when I returned to the Ravelry site to re-print it, there’s a different type of pattern there and I don’t know how to find my original one!

Does anyone have the “original” pattern for this blanket?? Could you post a link to it here??

Thanks so much!!!

I clicked on Free Ravelry Download and it looks like the written pattern download is on the right.

Thanks GG, but that’s NOT the one I’m looking for. The one I’m looking for is set up with each row printed out like this:

Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Knit
Row 3: Knit
Row 4: Knit
5: K
6: K
7: K
8: K
9, 45, 81, 117, 153, 189: K8, k19,
10, 46, 82, 118, 154, 190: K8

And so on…

Thanks anyway,

hmmmmm…trying again…

Nope, still not it!!! I think someone on Ravelry had posted a link to this version I’m looking for. Whoever had re-written her own version. But so far, I haven’t been able to find it there either!!!


Have you started the blanket? A pic would help. If you haven’t the can you describe what yours actually looks like?

Jan in Ca, if you click on the link in my original post, I am looking for the pattern for the blanket with the hearts surrounded by garter stitches. Like blocks with a heart in the middle. I had printed out the pattern that someone on Ravelry.com had made up but I don’t have it anymore. The patterns linked to aren’t the ones I’m looking for.


Oh okay. I read it as not being there right one. Was the “pattern” written by someone other than the designer? If do it may be tough to find. Maybe you could rewrite it yourself.

I’m wondering about the differences between the pattern available and the pattern lost. My impression is that it would look the same, it was just written out differently.

I “think” I got this pattern from someone in the 'comments’
section on Ravelry for that blanket. Whoever it added horizontal garter stitch rows between the hearts. In looking thru the comment section recently. I cannot find that “rewrite” again.