I lost my knitting bag and ALL my knitting stuff

Despite looking EVERYWHERE and retracing my steps, making umpteen phone calls, promising rewards, etc…My knitting stuff is GONE. (Two weeks gone…) My KP options, my two little bags of knitting tools, stitch markers, tape measures, yarn needles, my current project…All gone. If anyone is giving up knitting and wants to donate to a desperate knitter, please let me know! Saddest…It was the bag I got in my first swap here on KH!

Oh no… how did that happen?

I may have some extra stuff around that I don’t use. I’ll let you know asap.

Let this be a lesson to all of us to include contact information should we do the same.
Maybe, just maybe the right person would find it and contact us.

If I had read this last week I would have given you the KP’s Harmony set I just traded a few days back.
I’ll look over the weeekend.
I may have a few things left that I can donate.
Do you use circulars only or would you want straights?
Could you state just what you do have in the way of needles (if any at all) so we don’t duplicate them?

Jan, I have no idea how it happened. If only I could remember…
I knit with circulars only…I have neck and shoulder issues, so my KP Options were perfect. I have one set of size 11 needles and a 24" cable. Oh, and one yarn needle! But it’s enough that I can knit!
It IS a good lesson to put contact info in your bag! I’m sick about having lost my WHOLE collection of knitting stuff. I don’t typically keep it all in one bag, but I was getting organized! UGH!

I found some several circular needles and some stitch markers. They won’t be as good as Options, but they’ll get you going. I’ll see what else I can find tomorrow. It’ll help me get organized, too! :teehee:

You must be sick at heart, I know I would be. I don’t know what size needles you generally use but I do have some extra Options and also cables, along with the caps and tightening tools. Also, I do have some Addi circs that I don’t use at all, and if you would like them they are yours. I have more markers than I would ever use so can include those too. The knitters here at KH will come to your aid. Just PM me with your mailing address and as soon as I can get them together and to the UPS I will send what I have.

Y’all are the BEST!
Jan, Last year I donated a bunch of my old knitting stuff to the charity knitting group at church where I teach knitting and tried them last night…The cables were too stiff for my hands/arms. I just can’t use them. Save the postage if the cables are stiff (Unless you want me to donate them to my church…We’ve had a rush of high school girls coming and learning to knit…So cool to see knitting catch on to the younger generation!)

Wanda, I PMed you. I’m SO grateful! I typically knit with size 6 or larger…Can’t grip the smaller needles. 6, 8, 11 & 13 were my most-used sizes. I LOVE addi circs, Options, anything with a very flexible cable and metal tips. I make lots of chemo caps using magic loop, so just about any size cable works.

Thank you again for your kindness. I’ve cried over losing all my precious knitting stuff, but finding people in the world who care is such a blessing!

A few of these needles may work for you. They aren’t as nice as Options or Addis, but they aren’t Boye cables either. :thumbsup: PM me your address and I’ll send this off to you when I’m finished hunting. :wink:

Wanda, I got your package today. :woot:I’m blown away by your kindness and generosity. After really crappy month, you have given me some incredible joy. Thank you SO MUCH!!! I’m back to knitting!

Gina, it was my pleasure. Just glad you received all in good shape. Happy Knitting in the New Year ahead. :knitting:

Gina, did you receive all you need or is there other things?
If so, post a list and I’ll look through my stuff to see if I have it.

The only needle size I don’t have that I use a lot is 13 and 10.5. The only other stuff I’m still missing is a retractable tape measure and needle gauge thingy (to check needle sizes). I can do whatever I need to with the needles I’ve gotten, since I do a lot with magic loop. Y’all have been SO WONDERFUL!

That’s great to hear.
I was hoping to help, but I don’t have any of these that you mentioned.