I left my knitting bag outside the library

and didn’t realize it til I got home and took the girls out of the bike trailer and “oh no! my bag isn’t here”. I was crying, the guy on the phone was a jerk, etc…but then I called back and a nice lady went outside and looked and there it was. My HUGE project is in there, my new size 2 dpn’s, my 2 pr of Addi’s, all of my little stuff I use when knitting, my Molekine planner…everything. I’m still alittle shaky. :cry: I’ll feel better when dh gets home and I can go get it and have it all in my hands.

I am so glad that story had a happy little ending! I would have probably cried :shock:

:shock: yeah i would have been crying too

What a scare! I’m so glad you got your bag back! I’d have bawled my eyes out.

Oh my goodness! Thank goodness that you get it back! That was close!


I certainly would not have cried … Instead I would have vocalized each and every vulgar piece of vocabulary in the English language, followed by an absolutely violent outbreak of abuse on any nearby inanimate objects … pillow, chair, carpet, table and so forth. :lol:

So have you gotten your treasure back yet???

oh yes, I got it back yesterday. phew.

ROFLMAO Ekgheiy!!! Me too and then I would cry from sheer exhaustion.

YarnMommy, I’m so glad you got your bag back! As a Librarian and a Branch Manager, I am disappointed that the first guy you spoke with wasn’t helpful to you. If I were you, I would call or write a letter to the library Director; not to get the staff in trouble, but to let them know that you weren’t treated well so they can fix the problem. I’m sure that is not the type of service they want to provide.