I learned to knit with 2 circs!

I checked Cat Bordhi’s [I]Socks Soar on Two Needles[/I] (or whatever it’s called!) out of the library last night, and learned to knit on two circular needles! I was practicing, and after I bound off my little sample, I realized it lookd just like a little napkin ring! So now I’m inspired…I’m thinking I could knit some in a metallic yarn, and attach a little felted pointsettia (if I can find a good pattern) for Christmas! What do you all think?? Here’s my little sample! Not sure how I got that ridge of garter stitch on the bottom, but think on my next try I can do it right. :slight_smile:

That’s very cute, Bethany. I think napkin rings are a cute idea, especially with a knitted or crocheted flower on them.

What a fun idea. Wal-Mart has large skeins of red and green yarns with sparkles…just right for Christmas, and only $1.97/skein. Dd has used it to make little Christmas tree ornaments–very cute. That would make great napkin rings.

:yay: Good for you! I’ve made one pair of socks and am now on my second pair of fingerless mitts on two circs! :thumbsup:

Is this on video or did you use a book? I need video with SLOOOOWW motion action!


I checked that book out of the library and may end up buying it. I’ve not had the time to actually try anything and my circs are being used right now, but I really want to try her method. And then maybe I can figure out magic loop while I’m at it.

Me too! I just figured out how to use two circulars, also.

I’m making a hat for my husband and I’ve started out on a 16" circular needle, but I’ll have to decrease eventually (otherwise it will be a big long tube, not a hat!). I was planning to use two circulars, rather than Magic Loop, because I had two circulars of the same size and I didn’t have a really long circular for ML.

So, I watched the Cat Bordhi tapes on You Tube, read about it on some other sites, and decided to do a test run. And it worked!

[COLOR=blue]Hi Jan,[/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]did you have difficulties with the heel using 2 circulars? I have frogged dh socks three times because I get holes… :knitting: [/COLOR]

That can happen with any method. I do two things - pick up extra stitches at the “corners” and either knit them together on the next round or just do one or two extra gusset rows. I also knit into the back of the stitches I picked up on that first round. If the stitches look like normal with the front leg to the right then knit into the back, if they look backward already with the back leg to the right then knit the way you normally would. this works for me anyway. :wink: