I learned Magic Loop this Morning!

I tried Magic Loop on my Denise needles, but the cord was to wonky, and I kept getting weird stitches where I had the two loops. I ran to Michael’s last night & grabbed a pair of Susan Bates 32" Quick Silver needles. After watching Amy’s Magic Loop video over and over, and over again, I FINALLY casted on for a coffee cup cozy this morning, and an hour later used my new hot pink & red cup cozy. :cheering:

32" is a little on the short side, but a 36" would serve the purpose well.

I prefer my Addi Turbos to the Susan Bates Quick Silver, but must admit I preferred the Quick Silver cord to my Denises. :oops:

No more DPNS for me! And no more worries about loosing an eye, or shooting a DPN across the sofa at one of the kiddos. :teehee:

Now on to figure out how to use two circulars without confusing the tips. Any tricks to successfully knitting on two circs? TIA

I prefer Magic Loop to 2 circs. I get ladders with 2 circs and the extra set of needles gets tangled in the yarn a lot more, especially when knitting 2 items at once (like socks). No problems like that with ML. :shrug:

And I use my KP Options for ML knitting; they have the best cable for ML ever. Seriously. :heart: :heart: :heart:

I’d like to learn how to do this. Congrats to you. I can’t wait until I have some time to sit down and work on it. After christmas probably!


Hooray for you!!! :cheering: I’d like to try to do this too because I’m not a big fan of DPN’s. I use them if I have to, but I think it takes up a noticeable amout of time switching between needles as you knit off them. I’m looking forward to trying magic loop on future projects.

I really enjoy working with dpn’s, and usually knit completely on them when making hats, rather than starting with a circular until the circumferance gets small. However, I still want to learn to use the Magic Loop method, just to know how to do it.

I bought an Addis sz 5, 47" length. Now to make myself sit down and try and learn it. :roll:

I :heart: Magic Loop!!!

[size=6][color=indigo]Last night a friend showed me how to magic loop and I was just thinking I need to see if Amy has a video. I have a couple Christmas hats to make.

Off to watch it. Thanks.[/color][/size]

First of all, congratulations! :yay: It always feels good to master something new, doesn’t it? Especially when it’s something as cool as ML.

Anyway, to you question… the first time I tried two circs I got the needle tips mixed up a lot, but it was also my first (finished) project, so it’s not like I was even that comfortable with using circs yet. (It also didn’t helped that all the Denise tips are the same color.) I tried it again recently and it was far less of a problem, but I will say that I still prefer ML. If you know how to do one, I don’t think you need to learn the other since you’d use them for the same sorts of things. When I use my Denises for ML, I join two cords with a connector to get a good length. One is not really long enough unless it’s one of those extra long ones they sell separately.

BTW, KP Options are great for ML. The cords are much more flexible than Denises.

I learned a few weeks ago from Amy’s video.
:heart: I LOVE IT!!! :heart:

I heart Magic Loop! I use it for everything now - socks, hats, tube scarves…

The Options cables really do work well. I get tired of running boiling water over the Addis.

Thanks, for all the kuddos! :muah: Based on comments from everyone, I’ll stick with ML and forget about 2 circs unless I’m truely bored–lol.

I couldn’t wait to receive the Options set as a gift, so I bought a set yesterday along with $100 worth of other stuff that popped into my cart. :shrug: :doh: