I learned it's really important to... because

ILIRIT Never start something new when you are half a sleep. The next morning it is always WOW I did that:thud:. Then it takes the rest of the day for me to fix it.

As a corollary, ILIRIT recheck the pattern closely before starting every new section. When I read the pattern all the way through, I usually form some ideas about what I expect for each part. These ideas are probably WRONG! Sometimes the ideas are so ingrained, I don’t even realize that I’m not really reading the pattern. The designer has put a lot of thought into the pattern. If it says purl, it probably means it, even if when I get to that point I kinda recollect that I expected to be knitting.

I have learned that a stitch gone wrong will bother me til it gets fixed, it is easier to take something back and be happy, than to listen to others saying “oh it is fine, nobody will notice”

I have learned there is no pulling me away from a tangled ball of yarn until it is ALL untangled.

I have learned that there is usually more than one way to do things, and that I have usually learned the hard way first smiles


Learn what the stitches look like! It makes it a lot easier to see a mistake or follow a pattern like ribbing.

ILIRIT when I have the suspicion that I should go to bed, I should put my knitting down and at least do something else.

At that point the extra row… becomes something much more complicated.

ILIRIT that sometimes it is just so much more simple to pretend you can’t knit something because… it is just easier that way!

ILRIT to keep calm and not to loose patience, if i do start to get stressed then walk away get a cup of tea.

ILRIT i can do things, so stop trying to convince myself that i can’t, thats when they go wrong.

ILRIT there are some lovely yarns etc out there but it doesnt matter if i can’t afford the exact yarn in a pattern, just do my best and be happy with the retty thing i made (and always look out for sale items!):thumbsup:

ILIRIT take breaks every once in a while and let your hands and wrists rest…because a marathon 6-hour knitting session can really hurt!
ILIRIT keep up with the KH forums, because you never know when you’ll get a clue from a fellow knitter about a fantastic yarn sale somewhere! :slight_smile:


Never leave a DPN on the sofa…they are pointy…pointy+behind=ouchy

(Ok this one FH learned) Never jump from behind the door and yell “Boo” at someone with sharp knitting needles in hand…

[COLOR=Red][B]Can you guys tell I’m accident prone?[/B][/COLOR]

Listen to Jan in CA’s advice

Ask for help if you need it, don’t just assume you’ll figure it out.

If you need support come to KH.

Add Amy and Sheldon to your prayers to the knitting Gods.

Photo copy patterns, that way you can make note, cross off rows, generally do what you want without feeling guilty.

Keep the pattern you are using with your WIP, you never know when you’ll put that WIP down because a “OMG I HAVE TO MAKE THAT…” item will come along. Then when you go back to said WIP (maybe a year or two later) you know what you were making, where you were, etc.

not say "I’m never going to ___!"
here I am, knitting lace socks. :rofl:

make sure I get to the pub at a decent time to grab the corner table with the lamp
otherwise I can’t see well enough to knit socks in there.

Oh, I got another one!

ILIRIT slow down on the second sock or mitten because I think I know the pattern and will make so many mistakes because I really didn’t…

No kidding, and I use knitting as a way to mellow me out, so I have wanted to plug on with sore paws, and have to realize my humanity and stop.

I have actually bathed my hands in a bath of epsom salts for the pain…:violin:

ILIRIT you don’t have to use a certain type of needle just because someone you admire uses them. Use what works for you.
(or at least work up to those, don’t try it on a big or important project…:oops: )