I KNOW what Mmmmmalabrigo is!

Two days ago i received my mmmmmmmmmm…And it’s everything i hoped for:woot: It was hard to believe what everyone were saying about it, so i had to buy to believe! Hallelujah!
I got 4 skeins in Little Lovely colorway and some FFF eyelash wool/nylon blend. I’m going to make my sister a shrug with mmm and the eyelash is for the edges. My sister is crazy for pink, so i hope she likes it! And my cat Mason likes Mmmmalabrigo also:teehee:

Yummy yarn!

I am loving working with Malabrigo. I just started making a hoodie for my dd – the feel of the yarn is delicious and the color is lucious (I’m using Emerald Blue for her sweater.)

I can’t wait to find a pattern for the color I have set aside for me.

Then there’s the 3 balls of Hollyhock that will be Christmas presents for somebody yet un-named.

Knitting with Malabrigo is a feast for the senses!

Hope you enjoy yours as much as I’m loving mine!

PS – Your kitty is not only adorable but has exquisite taste.

Thanks Zkimom!
I hope i will really enjoy knitting with this gorgeous yarn!

i love that color! so happy!

[B]Knitting Nat,

Where did you buy it?


I’m comming to Jerusalem to find out what the hype is about.

one day, one day! :slight_smile: Enjoy!

I bought it on eBay for 10.75$ at a store called Quality Fibers. Laura from the store (the owner?) helped me a lot with the color matching, since i couldn’t see the yarns in real life and the computer screen never shows the true color.

You are most welcome! I’ll take a skein with me on Sunday, I hope i will be able to meet you. If not on Sunday, then maybe on Monday. Depends on my work.
It so great to meet people from the forum :cheering:. I think we should organize a trip to US for a huge forum get together!

talk about decadent, I made a few hats, and a sweater, and now am making a pair of Socks (with Silvers tutorial) out of this yarn
i just LOVE working with it