I know, it's not knitting. 13 stripes crocheted again

I really want to make this 4th of July Afghan from the new issue of Crafts n’ Things. However, the pattern in the book is wrong. The editor sent me corrections, but I still don’t get it. The corrections work great, however, the picture seems to alternate it’s clusters on each row. It’s three dbl clusters, does anyone know another pattern like this? Or how to get them to alternate? Here is a rough diagram.

The pattern looks like this (with the l being a dbl crochet)

Row 2 l lll lll lll lll lll l
Row 1 l lll lll lll lll l

This is mine:

Row 2 l lll lll lll lll lll l
Row 1 l lll lll lll lll lll l

Also, I emailed the editor back asking her about this. It’s been 5 days (including Sat and Sun). Should I email her back? or keep waiting? or just make the afghan with the alternating clusters?


I never could crochet by diagram, knit either, do you have written instructions?

I don’t understand what you mean by alternate its 3dc clusters.

If you mean what i think you mean then you would ch4(counts as frist dbl and ch1) and turn then skip the frist dbl cluster and start your next cluster between the next 2 clusters(in the space between the 2)

It would look something like this.

Row 2 lll lll lll lll lll l
Row 1 l lll lll lll lll l

If this doesn’t make since let me know and i will try to post a photo of what i mean.After crocheting for 30 years its hard to explain in writing :think:

if you could go ahead and post a photo that would be great. I will try to have some of the “corrected instructions” of it up later tonight to see if anyone can see an error…

Ok ive been digging

Is this your pattern


This is the one i have and it looks the same except for the stars

Let me know so i can try it for you.

That was the original pattern. This is what the editor says to do now.

ch 115.
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]The chain 115 beginning chain, changes the 3dc group to 37. At the end of row 1, 2 chs are left. Skip 1 ch, dc in last ch and turn. 2nd row ch 3. ch 3 counts as a dc. skip next dc, 3 dc in next dc. This is the center dc of 3 dc group. 3 dc in each center dc across. 37 dc groups. Skip last dc. dc in top of ch. [/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]After you do that, you will realize that the dbl crochet clusters are lined up one on top of the other instead of alternating like in the picture, or like the one that Shay found on amazon.[/FONT]


Im going to sit down tonight and try it…looking at the photo of it looks like it might be right thow…it looks like they are on top of one another.Ofcourse the only photo i could find was small so i could be wrong.

I give up with this afghan! I have now decided to right my own pattern for a flag blanket. It will be on my website by July 4th hopefully!

Good for you!! Half the fun of crochet/knitting is taking an idea or concept and making up your own pattern or design. Good luck!