I Know it's a bit short notice, but

One of the sororities at my college is doing a knitting for charity project. They’re collecting hats, scarves, gloves, any cold weather wear for the Lincoln People’s Mission. The charity will give the donated items to the homeless in the Lincoln area to help with the cold months ahead. They are accepting items and will take them to the shelter on December 9th. I know it’s a little last-minute, but if you have anything lying around or could even whip up a kids’ hat or something (I’m working on a simple garter stitch scarf) it would be greatly appreciated. I can PM you the address if anyone is interested.

Please PM me the address. I think I have some hats I can donate.

I can do a couple and send the over . Please pm me the address:)

I could whip up a couple things for you :teehee:PM me the address please

Here are 2 that I made and I am going to make some more today:teehee:

Lovey HAts . Warm and Cozy:)

I have 4 hats knitted I can send. PM me the address.

Please PM me the address. If I can get to the PO by Monday or Tuesday, I’ll send some.


I sent my hats yesterday!

One thing Ritaw can do is amazing hats!

I don’t have anything to donate (got my own project!) but I am amazed by the generosity of the knitters in this forum and their willingness to knit for others. Please let us know how the project went!



Sent my hats out ,but forgot to take pics of the other 2 :doh:

Please PM me the address. I have a couple of hats that I could donate.