I know it is right under my nose, but I am confused

I have a cable pattern, I made one and then due to some illness I haven’t picked up knitting since April. My meds causes some confusion but I would think since I have done one making the second wouldn’t be so hard (don’t remember the first being hard). Anyway I am doing something wrong over and over and I know it is my mistake somewhere and not the pattern. It has to be something so simple because I checked and no one else is having issues.

The pattern has 17 stitches on the needle at this stage. First let me say the instructions tell me the cable in the bold [B][][/B] is for the second top. The row I am struggling on says this;
K1, m1K, K1, p2, c3b, k3, [B][k3,c3f], [/B]p2, k1, m1k, k1-stitches.
I either come up with 3 short if I do the [B][][/B] or 3 too many if I don’t.

Can someone help me please and point out what I am doing wrong?

This is the pattern

The cable panel for these slippers is a 9stitch panel. The cable cross is a 6stitch cable (hold 3 sts either to the back or the front, knit 3, then knit 3 from the cable needle). So on the cable cross rows, you’ll either knit 3sts and then do a cross or do a cable cross and then knit 3.
So if you did:
K1, m1K, K1, p2, [U]c3b, k3[/U], p2, k1, m1k, k1
for the first slipper, do the following on this row for the second slipper
K1, m1K, K1, p2, [U]k3,c3f[/U], p2, k1, m1k, k1-stitches.
These rows are 17sts and the M1k doesn’t use a stitch but picks up the strand between stitches.

ok I watched a video on 9 stitch cable and it has your knit 3 stitches before the cable back then put 3 on cable needle to the back and then knit 3 then the back needle 3 then continue with the pattern, so to the c3b then k3 is really
[ k3 , c3b, k3] which would take care of the 3 overage stitches i have on my needle. Is this correct?

I count 17sts across the row and with the 2 M1ks, that’s 19sts by the end of the row.
K1, m1K, K1, p2, = 4sts to start the row and 5 at the end
c3b, =6sts (3sts to cable needle held in back, k3, k3 from cable needle)
k3, p2, k1, m1k, k1 = 7sts to start the row and 8 to end the row.

well yes it makes sense when you say

c3b, =6sts then your have next line

k3, p2, k1, m1k, k1 = 7sts to start the row and 8 to end the row. then i get the right count

the original c3b putting 3 stitches on hold in the back and knitting 3 bringing cable forward p2, k1 m1k, k1 left me with 3 extra stitches but the c3b being 6 stitches and doing k3 after that before purling 2 explains the 3 extra stitches, why it doesnt say it [k3,c3b,k3] ? I can understand that.

Thank you for helping me as confusing as I was making this I do appreciate it, they might get finished this christmas thanks to you, since I missed them for a birthday last year :woot:(edit because it sounded terrible the way I worded that sentence, sorry)

That’s the usual way to write cable patterns. It’s just a convention. An 8stitch cable would be abbreviated c4b.
They’re lovely looking slippers and worth working out. If something else is troubling come back and ask and if you’d like to post a photo when you finish, we’d love to see the slippers.

No way did these get finished. I still dont know what I am doing and they are not coming out. I cried to my Mom I think this is alzheimer sign or dementia. It is frightening to not know what I am doing and to feel so confused. I dont know when the 3 stitches go on the cable needle, is it the first 3 , the second 3 or the last 3 of the 9 stitch panel? I searched you tube for help on 9 stitch and there wasnt any. I start and get a curve then trying to make the cross part it gets lost then I realize there isnt an actual cable design coming along. I am worn out and disheartened. 2nd year they never got made.

Don’t be disheartened. We all have gone through these kinds of projects and probably will again.
The pattern should tell you which of the 9sts are part of the 6stitch cable and which 3sts are plain knit. When you get to the second cable cross row, the position of the cable will shift.
So if the first cable cross row is k3, c3b, the second time the cable crosses will be c3b, k3.
It may take a few rows for the cable to become apparent since it is shifting from sts 4-9 to sts 1-6 depending on the row.