I know acrylic doesn't block, but does

an acrylic blend??

I’m making something out of Wool-Ease - it’s mostly acrylic so I’m not hopeful, but has anyone blocked an acrylic blend like this?


When I made a hat with Wool-Ease I just threw it in the washer and dryer. I don’t think it will block all that well since it’s mostly acrylic.

I tried blocking a shrug from WoolEase Thick & Quick, and it didn’t work.

You can affect the shape of acrylic with steam and pressing. It’s not really blocking, because if you do this it will never return to it’s original shape. It basically leaves the acrylic much more like rayon… very supple.

I have used this method on preemie gowns and such and personally I like the end result. If I want to make a strong difference I wet the garment, pin it out and then press through a dry cloth.

If I only want to make a small difference, I leave the item dry, get a damp cloth and iron through the damp cloth.

You might want to try this on a test swatch to see how it will turn out, because you kill the elasticity of the acrylic and you won’t get it back by washing.

Mama Bear

That’s what I thought!

I ended up starting over with bigger needles since I wasn’t that far in. It looks much nicer anyways.

Thanks for the help!