I knitted a sweater ! :)

This is the first sweater I knit, for my youngest son :slight_smile:
Tried it on as soon as I casted off…

That smile says it all! Great job!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


What a beautiful perfect handsome little man!!! A doll!
I love the sweater on him! Great work, momma!

Great job! And he loves it too! He’s very cute!

Thank you all so much :slight_smile: Just finished weaving in the ends and am washing it. Plan on knitting a matching hat for him :slight_smile:

That is awesome!!! And he looks so happy and proud of his mommy! Congrats!!!

Sweet sweater and your son is a little doll!

You did a great job! Your son reminds me of my own grandson with that big grin on his face!

It looks great and your son is so darn cute!

Both the sweater and your son are adorable! He looks like her really likes it too!

Congrats! It turned out wonderful! and he looks like he loves it!

That came out really great!! Your adorable son looks like he loves it!
Nice job!