I knit the front looser than the back

It’s taken me A YEAR to knit this sweater! (I’m a beginner). And now I see the stitches on the front are quite a bit looser than those on the back… and the back looks WAY better. I don’t really want to do the front all over again! Is there a way to, um, ‘shrink’ the front by blocking? any other suggestions? It’s not that it won’t fit together… it just looks better from the back than it does from the front!

thanks everyone!

You could try blocking it to see if it will neaten up the front stitches so it matches the back. Most of the time that will help unify the stitches. I would try that before knitting the front again. It sounds like your technique has improved as you went, which is great, but I can see not wanting it to be obvious. Good Luck.

It would also help us to know what type of yarn it is. If it is cotton, you can block it by wetting a pillowcase and ironing it over that piece until the pillowcase is dry. Some ways of blocking I think will tighten up those sts a little more than other ways. Depends on the type of yarn though.

thanks! of course I’ve never blocked a sweater before, either! but I’ll give it a whirl. Alas, though, I can’t say my technique has improved - the part that I knit last year is way better than what I just finished!

I’m rather daunted at the idea of blocking, but I’m going to try to work up my courage…

thanks again!

colinette Enigma… I’ll go check the fiber content… it’s one of those thick and thin yarns, so in one sense it’s quite forgiving… but the back looks SOOOO much better than the front! but it took me a year to get this far so I don’t really want to re-do the front!

thanks again!