I knit inside out!

I am starting on some socks for my dad for Christmas (will probably be done late but that’s nothing new for me). What I’ve noticed is I knit inside out when knitting in the round. Its normally not an issue, I just turn everything at the end but I am concerned with the heel of the sock. I have tried to knit socks once before and it didn’t work out at all – the heel was inside out but the rest of the sock was correct. I have tried knitting with the needles closest to me but for some reason, my mind can’t figure that out and it turns into a jumbled mess.

Here’s my question: do I just follow the pattern regardless and it should turn out ok or do I have to substitute somehow (knit the purls and purl the knits?) so that the heel works out?

Reading this, it doesn’t even make sense to me – am I the only person who has experienced this?

Welcome to KH. What pattern are you doing and which heel? I want to say just work the heel so that the RS is the same side as the RS of the rest of the sock but there might be other considerations.

Sometimes it feels more comfortable to knit inside out on simple patterns. For a sock pattern however, it might be best to work with the right side out if you can. There are enough confusing things going on as it is.
Here’s a video that may help: