I knew better but didn't do it anyway

:waah: I have read about lifelines and thought they were a good idea but did I do it? NO!! I am trying to finish a palindrome hat for my granddaughter for Christmas and I was almost finished. But I get to round 4 on the decreasing and figured out that I deciphered the insturctions wrong for the last 3 rows. I could have and should have done a lifeline or at the least I should have read and read the instructions but they seemed pretty straight forward. I’m not normally so stupid that I can’t get the instructions. But instead I apparently preferred to frog way past just so that I could be sure that the hat would not be lopsided. I cannot believe how stupid I am!!

There got that off my chest.

There there there
you will be fine
we all do things somewhat like that at times
you really will be fine, here have something to cheer you up from this plate for santa, he wont mind
there is a good girl

Would it make you feel better to know that I frog almost at much as I knit?? :roflhard:

Just think of it this way: you can tell your grandaughter you love her enough that you knit her a hat … TWICE! :slight_smile:

Deep breathe dear and have a nice cuppa! We have all thought we could do it without and have had it proven to us otherwise.

Oh well, just consider the first attempt a practice run. I do it all the time.

In the wee hours of the morning yes but after I’ve finished the hat and had some sleep no.

I’m a frogger.