I kinda did it

I made really bad yarn! It’s only about a foot and a half, two feet. I know, waisting wool. LOL I think I’m going to need more roving…


Keep going!! 15 minutes a day!

beautiful! :hug:

Alrighty now…don’t make me post the pic of my first yarn! Your’s looks awesome!! Much better than my spindling experience. Keep at it. You’ll be doing great yarn in no time. :happydance:

Thank you. My biggest problem seems to be overtwisting, but I truly expected that. I figure practice is all it will take.

IMHO, over twist is better than under twist. If you over twist you can loosen it up by spinning the opposite direction. Plus, the yarn is still knitable. If you under twist then all it’s good for is needle felting. The yarn singles fall apart. And even the really good spinners still over twist the yarn. Plying and setting it will help this.

When you learn to draft thinner it may work itself out. Thinner singles need more twist.

Forgive me if I babble on. I didn’t have anyone to help me spin. I had to figure it out solo. So the silly little things give me the most probs. Just keep practicing. It will take a while to be really good, but it is sooo worth it. And the yarn lumps and all will look better and better.

BTW, what kind of wool was in your starter pack?

Babble away! It only helps me in the long run. None of ya’ll told me that it would be this addictive, though!

It doesn’t say what kind of wool. All it says is roving. I went to the website and it just says roving, too. I guess I was just so excited, I didn’t think about it! I know there are some things I should avoid for now, right?

Nope nothing you should avoid. Try everything. Just some fibers are easier to spin than others. If you liked spinning the wool, then you could remember what kind it was. Order more later.
Get a little bit of everythign when you feel ready. Just to play with and it is soooo much fun.
Merino wool wasn’t easy for me to spin. I’m just now getting it after ordering 2lbs!! I thought it would be easy, thought wrong.
Corriedale is my favorite next to merino. It’s much easier to spin. Very soft.
Don’t get frustrated if you find something you can’t spin. Try it. Put it away and come back to it. Put it away again.
Don’t buy a lot unless you like how you spun it.
Wools are great. Cheap and if you hate your singles then knit them and felt it!
Spinning color is fun. I never know what I’ll get.
Try sampler packs. Woodland Works has a few.
All wools are not equal. They are very different from one another.
Merino is fine and short, very soft. Corriedale has a longer staple very soft, begs to be spun. Targhee is sproingy. Lots of krimp. Took some getting used to for me.
Find other spinners in person. You learn a lot just by watching.
Handspun does very well in hats, scarves, and bags.
Don’t get frustrated. Don’t give up. Have fun.
Post lots of pics :wink: Love seeing them!

My unsolicited, but overabundant two cents worth.

LOL! I guess what I meant by avoiding was that there are some fibers that are more difficult for a newbie. To keep from throwing it at somebody, get some practice first. Almost everybody that sells fibers has a sample pack. You HAVE to love that! I think I might need to get a whole other house, just to support my knitting and spinning habit! My oldest just rolls her eyes. (Of course her friends think it’s way cool, and stop to ask questions)

A lot of people say that merino is too tricky for beginners, but then again others say go ahead and try it, you might have a knack for it. :shrug: I didn’t have any trouble with a merino/mohair blend, and about 6 weeks in I tried 100% merino and didn’t find it too challenging. With any new fiber you just have to find your groove, IMHO. :smiley:

My “a-ha!!” moment came while spinning silk hankies. A little hard on the hands, but they practically spin themselves. :heart: :heart: :heart:

FYI… Knitty article on spining silk hankies

I have silk hankies begging me to spin them. I need to get lemon juice first and am waiting on my lace flyer to arrive (tomorrow hopefully)!! I’ll say that merino blends are easy for me. Just not the 100% merino. It has taken several tries to get it down.

So, that is why sampler packs are great. They’re fun, and you learn what works for you!

I’ve decided to not worry about what may or may not be hard. I’m so new that I don’t think I’d know the difference. I’ll go with my knitting attitude of I’ll never learn it if I don’t try it!

May I ask what you need lemon juice for?

oops…a spinner’s secret. If you pour lemon juice over your hands the silk threads from the hankies won’t snag on your skin.

Silk sticks to everything. Don’t ask me why it works, it just does.

Ah, good to know!

Ick lemon juice eats my hands up, guess that’s out for me!

Well I think if you exfoliate your hands and mosturize them that works too. My theory is that lemon juice is acidic and works like an exfoliator. :shrug: Who knows.

hankies, spun and navajo plied…

:notworthy: oooooooh

And it’s the sooooftest yarn… :heart:

YARN TEASE! :rofl: