I keep loosing count

I asm still working on the first baby blanket that I posted on last time.
I keep loosing count of the stiches. I have looked at the counters in the store but wanted to know if they really help or if anyone has any more suggestions
Dana :thinking: :XX:

You can put stitch markers every 10 or 20 stitches. I use a row counter to keep up with my rows when i have to know how many I’ve done. not the most convenient thing but it works.

Where do I find stich markers? This is only my 2nd project.
Dana :XX:

They should be in the knitting section of your local craft/yarn store. Basically they are just little plastic rings. You can also use those really little ponytail bands. a twist tie, a piece of scrap yarn, etc. I just prefer the actual stitch markers.