I KEEP doing yarn-overs accidentally! >>>

I’m making a cable scarf and sometimes when I’m switching between k and p, I get the y/o.

And then, once in a while, I get an “x” on my needle. What is that from and how do I get rid of it.

Please speak (so to speak) VERY slowly and assume that I am very slow to understand knitting instructions without pics.



The accidental YO is most likely being caused by not moving your working yarn between the needles when changing from K to P or visa versa.

Those Xs are probably being caused by forgetting to move the working yarn from front to back or back to front when switching from K to P or visa versa.

Go slow and watch what you’re doing very closely.

It just aggravates me that all I’m doing is knitting and purling and I keep making errors!!!


Boo, I’m doing a cabled sweater and I’ve been doing the same thing! It’s annoying, but I’m learning how to tell the difference between the YO and the actual stitch, so that when I get back to it I know which strand to drop. I have been known to drop the wrong one, then I have to get out the crochet hook and pick up the stitch again. :stuck_out_tongue:

The x can also be caused by not fully taking the loop off the needle. It sounds like you need to slow down and concentrate on what you’re doing for a little while. :hug:

We’ve all done it and some of still do it now and then. I know I sometimes do.