I just won some BEAUTIFUL roving on eBay!

I’m so excited to find this beautiful roving! I got it for a great price too!

I’m getting 16 ounces of the green, and 32 ounces of the bayberry.

Here is a link to the farm that sold me the roving:

:drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
That stuff is yummy looking.

Man all these posts of yummy stuff and I am going to have to buy a new keyboard. So much drool :teehee:


Oh, wow, that bayberry is GORGEOUS… I want to pet it… or roll in it… or something. The green is pretty too, but I’m a blue person.

Love the blue too. May have to try this stuff

I haven’t looked at fiber much since SAFF. Plus, I’ve suddenly met people willing to give me animal fleeces. My uncle will send his sheep and goat fiber and new to the knit group is a lady who owns several llama So I think I’ll be having a fun time preparing fleeces soon.

:shock: :drool:

Lucky you! FREE fiber! :cheering:

Beautiful!! Can’t wait to see it all spun up!

Those are beautiful!!!

The lady at the farm is SO NICE. She sent me an email when I won the auction, and I replied, telling her how nice the roving is. Then, she replied again telling me more about her farm.

We ended up sending messages back and forth about 6 times! :teehee:

I’m even MORE satisfied with this ebay seller now. I won another auction from her, and she is sending me 3 ounces more free! I’m a happy spinner. :slight_smile:

Oh man, that’s soooooo pretty.

Oh man, that’s soooooo pretty.

I just won an auction last night for a used Ashford Traveller from her. This will be my first wheel–I am a long way from any other spinners, so I will be learning from books and the net. She has already e-mailed me several times with helpful information.

I drooled over the looks of some of her fibers. I can hardly wait to get the wheel here and get started!

Jane, how exciting! :cheering: