I just wanna crow a bit!

Hi y’all! :waving:

I just wanna jump up ‘n’ down a bit! :cheering:See me? I’m jumpin’ up ‘n’ down! :cheering:

At this very point in time, sitting here at the 'puter…I have NOTHING on the needles! No WIPS…no OTN’s! I just posted my granddaughter’s Booga Bags…and the Capelet for Kira is ALL DONE…but is blocking a bit…and will be dry by morning. WhooooHooo!

Lots of projects are queued up…but all those OTN’s are finished up!

Now I’m gonna take my ole self out there to my knitting-place…
and start a FRESH NEW PROJECT! :happydance:

I feel so relieved to have my slate wiped clean! It has been over a year or two!
I used to knit just one thing at a time…and got it done quickly, and moved on to the next thing!

I just keep getting inspired by y’all and run out and start something new before finishing the current WIP. I call them “knitting side trips”. :wink:

:cheering::cheering::cheering: I’m feelin’ real light!!!

:woohoo: You go! I know you knt a lot for others, so maybe now that you have “cleared the needles” do something for yourself???:muah:

Congrats! Feels nice to have it all finished I’ll bet. I will tell you once I finish the last few I am doing right now. I have plans for other things but for right now I only have two projects that have been on the needles for any length of time and one small project that has to be started and finished this week. The shawl is almost finished, the book cover will only take about four or five hours to run up and then I have to go back and finish my DD’s third scarf. Once that is all done I am free to start something brand new.

congrats! you should knit something for yourself!

yay for you!! You make such beautiful things, so however you go about it, you go!

That ought to be worth a happy dance or two!!! :woot:


Good for you! Have fun deciding what to make next-I agree, maybe its time for something for you!

:knitting:happy knitting!

Woohoo!!! Congrats!! Feels so good doesn’t it? Can’t wait to see what you’re going to start working on now!

:cheering: I’m jumpin’ up and down for you! And again :cheering: ! It does feel great. I had that feeling for a whole day not a week ago. Hope to finish the two scarves i have OTN and feel that way again!

:?? :?? You mean. . . . that’s it’s POSSIBLE???

What a novel idea!:teehee:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: You should try it, it’s a whole new experience :teehee:

I got into the OTN’s (plural!) thing because of being INSPIRED by all the FO’s here at KH! Truly inspired!! :happydance:

But for me…it’s frustrating to have so many things going at one time…and it seems like I never get anywhere!

Kinda like running in 5 marathons at the same time…can you picture me? :eyes:

[COLOR=Blue]Running for 1/2 mile [B]in Kent[/B] in RACE A…STOP…then running 1/3 mile [B]in Olympia[/B] in RACE B…STOP…then running just 50 yds [B]in Tacoma[/B] in RACE C…STOP…then running 100 yds [B]in Seattle [/B]in RACE D…STOP…then running 2 miles [B]in Bellevue[/B] in RACE E…[COLOR=Black]THEN BACK TO KENT for another mile or two…ETC.[/COLOR]
oh yeah, where was I now??? :shrug:

And in the meantime…days have passed… and I’m nowhere close to any goal line of any kind! :eyes:

Well. I hope you can focus now. I see you’re knitting the “queen of hearts”! I have that book, it has some lovely patterns there!

Good for you. What a feeling of accomplishment to catch up and finish all.
As long as you’re running to Kent and Bellevue could you run by Federal Way and rescue my Harmony needles from the post office?:teehee:
I’ve admired the beautiful work you do and look forward to seeing what you get up to next.

Yes it is a great feeling I have felt like that myself…but not for a long time!!!

Hi Goddess! :waving: What happened to your Harmony needles!??

I see that you live in Eastern Washington? What city? DH and I go over to Republic (northeastern Washington) every month in the spring and summer. We have 20 acres on top of a mountain over there. It is in the area of Swan Lake. We call our property Nighthawk Summit, as it is 4300 ft elevation, and it is a nesting ground for Nighthawks!

If you ever need a hand…or a delivery…I could meet you in town and bring something to you! It only takes us 20 minutes to get off the mountain and into town. We go there a couple times during the week, for water, gas, etc. There used to be an outrageous Yarn shop in Republic called The Loose Blue Moose. The lady had converted her cottage home to a yarn shop. It is out of business now…she converted 100% of it back to personal living quarters…but I sure miss my weekly visits! I was like a bee drawn to honey!

:woohoo: That’s great!!! I was in that position for about 2 hours once… Congratulations!

Confession: I am tinkering around with (learning to) a provisional cast-on for a hat for DH.

I couldn’t seem to get the hang of Amy’s “in front-behind-behind-behind” provisional cast-on. Her good yarn loaded up on the needle perfectly, and the waste yarn was below…but with mine, the waste yarn AND the good yarn were loading onto the needle. Ack. What a mess I made!


So I googled “provisional cast-on” and found a good video clip of a provisional cast-on which is [I]crocheted onto the needle.[/I]

I can never knit anything for DH…he doesn’t want anything…but he said the other day that he’d like an ethnic looking hat.

So, I hunted around on Ravelry patterns, and OMG…I found about 9 FREE patterns that will work.

The one he wants first needs a 15st provisional cast-on for the garter ridge band. You knit it for 80-something rows…then connect the provisional cast on to the end by weaving.

Then you pick up 40 stitches along one edge of the garter ridge band.

Does this mean I am starting a hat…BEFORE the Queen of Hearts pullover is done??? :shrug: I say, No.

Right now, I’m in denial. Nice place to be! I love the land of DENIAL. It’s not a lonesome town! Lots of company! :teehee:

I’m “tinkering” around with the provisional cast-on. :eyes:

omg! no projects to weigh you down! why dont you knit something for yourself? you deserve it! :yay: good work on clearing you needles!