I just started

ok i just started knitting again… its been a while and i used to just knit on my own… i never followed a pattern… but now im using a pattern and just dont understand a part of it it says in the main section to "work 6 reps of lace patt."
ok well this is what it looks like

Pattern stitch:
vine lace pattern (multiple of 12 sts +1)
row 1 (RS) :…
and then it goes on to row 2 n so on

but i dont understand this… please help i really really really want to get started on this, im soooo excited because i just went through typing up directions that i would understand, instead of abbreviations. i want to make a cover for a little table i just got… im SOOO glad i found this website though… it was def. needed

It means to repeat the lace pattern that it gives you six times. Does that answer your question? Or is there something else you were confused about?

but all it says for the lace pattern is (multiple of 12 sts + 1)… is that the lace pattern?


this is the link and its the summer vines table runner… do you mind taking a look for me to see what the pattern is?

What did it have written under rows 1 and 2 and so on? That should be your lace pattern. The muliple of 12 sts + 1 would be the number of stitches you cast on for the project.

For example, if you wanted a really narrow piece of lace, only cast-on 13 sts…for something wider, you could do 61 sts ([12 x 5] +1)

Your lace pattern should be what is written out under that. You would repeat that pattern six times, and then move on to the next step in your pattern

Hmmm…give me a few minutes. I see why you are confused. I’m trying to decipher it…

if you go on the website you will understand what i mean better… on the lower border it says to CO (im guessing this means cast off) 73 sts… which is a multiple of 12 +1… it then says knit 2 row then it gives me another row with other stitches to do… this is what it looks like:

Lower border
CO 73 sts. Knit 2 rows

main section
row 1(RS):work 6 reps of lace patt.
rows 2-256:work[rows1-8]32 times
rows 257-260:rep rows 1-4

upper border:
knit 4 rows

k thanks

Okay, this is what I would do. Start the pattern like they say…Cast on 73 sts, then work the *K1, YO, K2Tog row…
Knit 4 rows and then when they refer to the lace pattern, I think they are talking about Row 2 of the pattern they give you. I can try to explain my logic behind that…
When you are done knitting the piece, you are ending with a row 4 (same as row 2 and 6) so I think you would start the main body the same way. start the main body with row 2 (the repeat six times refers to the number of times the pattern repeats itself before the end of the row)
then work rows 1-8 of the pattern 32 times, until you reach the next part of your directions, which says to work rows 1-4 again.

Does that make a bit more sense? This is probably one of the worst written patterns I’ve seen in a while… :slight_smile:

yes that makes perfect sense… thanks alot… now im off to knit… i really appreciate it… i’ll be back on when i get bored of knitting… im so glad i found this website… i love the help videos it has

Your welcome :slight_smile: I’m glad I could help.