I just started knitting to a pattern and

I taught myself to knit when i was little out of a book, so i don’t have any family to help me. i just started knitting dishcloth out of the liesure arts dishcloths by the dozen. im on page twelve, the basket weave. i’m stucck on the slipp stitch. i keep coming up short on my stitches. can anyone help???:?? :wall: please?! i have to knit four, slip two, knit eight, slip two three time with only 46 stitches. thats how i come up short.(i’m only a freshman in hs so please bear with my brainlessness)

Even though many of us don’t have the pattern, if you type out the row you’re coming up short on it would help us help you. Is the slip stitch at the beginning of the row, or is it like slip 1, k1, psso, or something else?

Are you perhaps slipping the stitch off the left needle and dropping it nowhere? If so, slip stitch means that you [I]transfer[/I] the stitch from the left needle to the right needle, usually in a purlwise fashion unless directions say otherwise. Let us know how you make out.:muah: