I just spent $101.48 at Target

:noway: I cannot believe this! I was only going there for 3 things and then my cart turns into this bottomless pit. Of course most of what I bought was on sale or a better price than the grocery store, but still. That’s a lot of cash. We’re going to have broccoli and cheese for a long time to come. :teehee:

Am I the only one???

Shopping at Target is addicting! It’s a very good thing they don’t have a craft section!

Ahh! That happens to me so often!

I just got back from Target, too! I spent a little over $60… it’s like Costco, there is no way you can get out of their with 3 things! :teehee:

Ut oh! Thanks for the warning…maybe I’ll leave my wallet in the car tomorrow! I’m taking my mom to Target and Barnes and Noble:rofl:


Ahh, a common affliction… I used to have a Target less than 1/2 mile away (1 traffic light)… they move to a strip center with crowded parking about 4 miles away so I don’t go… have saved LOTS of money since then! I would run over for batteries, and come out with a $100 tab!! And not be able to tell you what I bought!:rofl:

Ha ha that happens to me a lot too. I always try not to get a shopping cart unless I really need it, otherwise it’s just so easy to fill it up with stuff I wasn’t planning on buying.

we don’t usually go to target unless soda is on sale…lol. we drink a lot of soda…but, we do the same exact thing at Voldimart aka walmart…At least my mom does…We’ll go in there for like pencils and cat food, and come out of the store with like 10-15 extra items.

One time i went grocery shopping with g-ma, she had like a $10 list, and we ended up spending $60. lol. twas really all my fault…that’s why i try to NOT go shopping with her. but, sometimes, i want to pick out my own cereal…lol.

My husband complains that we [B][I]never[/I][/B] get out of Target for less than $100. He absolutely HATES hearing me say that I need to go to Target. :teehee:

I have a friend whos husband teases her that he can’t understand why she goes to Target to buy Tampons because at Target they cost $100.00 :slight_smile:


oh Target. It’s so dangerous! I have a special love for Target, met hubby there in college and there were 10 other couples who worked there and ended up marrying when we were working there too! How cool is that? But as far as shopping there…it’s the fun weekly (or more) outing. Kids in the “silly cart”, popcorn and juice…I try so hard not to buy too much. But yes, this happens to the best shoppers! Good thing they don’t sell yarn…

:zombie: it happens to me too… which is why I don’t go there very often. and seriously - that is so true about tampons! :roflhard: I go there for stuff like that and hair dye and Glade Plug-Ins, 'cuz that’s the cheapest place around here (well besides Costco - but I can’t afford a $300 shopping trip so I haven’t been to Costco since like early 2006)… and end up seeing all kinds of stuff that we need. oh yeah we need more ibuprofen. and toilet paper. and Ajax, and shampoo, and thank you cards, and…:zombie: sigh

$145.00! I just went there to buy footed pj’s for the girls and of course they had a bunch of stuff on [COLOR=Red]CLEARANCE[/COLOR] there. I bought 3 toddler size turtlenecks for .94 cents each! They just had so much on sale/clearance and it was stuff my girls needed, hooded sweatshirts, warm pj’s, I could not help myself. Nevermind that I also bought a little bit of makeup (mascara-$9!!) for myself.

I do try to stay away from there as much as possible, way to easy to buy stuff that I did not know I needed!:roflhard:

p.s- you should have seen the ladies that were going through the toys that were 75% off, I looked but since xmas was just a few weeks ago, I thought better of it!

I always get caught by that 75% off toy section, but it’s great because when we get invited to birthday parties for my daughters’ friends, I don’t have to go buy gifts!

Oh good, so I’m not the only one. :rofl: I truly went there for those frozen pretzels since they are only $1.52 a box and walmart stopped carrying them and oy vey… I did seriously think about taking the little basket but since DH needed milk I wasn’t about to carry the milk all around the food dept.

That was my first mistake. :fingerwag:

And the thing is, they just came into the neighborhood a little over a year ago, otherwise I had to hoof it (10 min) to walmart. When I say 'hoof it", I mean drive there. And now Target is literally 2 minutes from my house. I’m may be exaggerating it’s probably only 1 minute. I have spent so much more money since they moved in, good for them, bad for me.

DH looks at the bags he helped bring in and said, “I don’t see $101 worth of stuff here!” :roflhard: I said, well, the litter is in your trunk!! And isn’t that always the way, whenever I go by myself, the litter is on sale so I always buy 2-35 lb containers. Those are heavy for me. I get quite the workout lugging them in and out of the darn cart.

$100 tampons! That’s hilarious! :teehee: