I just set a dead human

I’m a bench jeweler. I just had an envelope that said “life” diamond.

I called the account to confirm what I thought. It was someone’s dead husband that was turned into a diamond.

I think this is the second dead person I’ve worked on. It’s never as creepy doing it as it seems when thinking about it.

I’ve heard about those. Do they really look like diamonds? I was curious about the hardness and how they would cut.

I would so do that but my husband is skinny so the diamond would be puny. I’d have to fatten him up a bit to get more carbon. :roflhard:

never heard of them, but omg i cant imagine wanting to wear someone like that. that just sounds kinda creepy to me. says the woman that has her grans ashes in her wadrobe lol

I’ve seen this on TV and they are actually pretty and looked pretty normal to me at least from my vantage point. I’m not sure I’d want to do it, but it’s cool that they can.

Sorry, but I find the whole idea bizarre and disrespectful of the dead.

Very, very bizarre in fact.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Other than the color and clarity both being too perfect you can’t tell the difference, not even with a tester.

I think normally humans are blue but now they can make them other colors. This one was yellow and the cut was not that great.

As for disrespect, I don’t think anyone who gets them thinks of it that way. It’s more of a way to have a memory that lasts forever.
I’ve always thought of it as being creepy but both times it was just like any other diamond setting, although with a little more pressure because while maybe not a irreplaceable diamond it’s not like I can call up and have a replacement sent out next day if it would break.
If people would treat it as just another diamond that would take some of the pressure off me.

I looked into the price before and providing your own carbon to get a man made diamond does not save money over buying a natural diamond.
It’s definitely about remembering the dead.

Yeah, I understand the thought behind it, it’s just my personal view that it’s just not respectful of the dead. The whole idea is just too weird for me.

You should try the whole idea of breaking someone.

I didn’t even like it when a friend gave me the job of making some brass glass frames for the display case he was putting his mother in.

OMG! What if you lost it??!! That would be just awful. I had no idea you could do that, it is odd, but amazing too.

To each his own, but, I don’t think I could do that. I mean what if someone came up and admired my ring? Oh, thank you, my husband is beautiful, isn’t he? Yeah, that would be waaaayyy too hard for me to deal with.

I don’t know, It’s kind of a cool idea. (says the girl who thinks burials are kind of morbid and creepy and dysfunctional) I mean, it’s not much different than me keeping my great grandpa’s Lindy star ring. it reminds me of him, it was his. I can’t separate the memory of him from the ring so really it might as well be him now. I think, if you have the money, it’s not any less weird than putting someone in a couple thousand dollar box incased in cement, bodies pumped full of chemicals, and then bury them under the ground surrounded by other moldering corpese in cement incased boxes, and put a marble stone over their head with their name and date as though that body or anyone more than one generation will care or take care of it. Honestly, when you think about it, it keeps a piece of them close to you and doesn’t hold so many creepy and potentially damaging images as burials. Thats just my opinion though! Did you know you can also send someones ashes sent into space, or have a small vial of their ashes set in necklaces and rings and such? I think that is worse.

I love this idea soo much…

Especially in a day in age when we will eventually be running out of land mass for burial.

There are only two things about it that bother me…the price (very pricey) and the fact that you are wearing someone…but that idea is very old too…ppl used to make jewerly from hair…and I believe there is mourning jewelry…

No different then losing someones ashes I should think…It does happen…smiles

bailsmom, I think you have to buy so many and they make extras so if you lose or break one it can be replaced easier than pulling out the ashes and starting over.

Demonica, I wonder if it’s more suited for those who never pass up an opportunity to talk about the dead loved one. It may make others uncomfortable but it seems to help the ones who always want to remember.

Duessa, I’m with you about funerals.

Until I found out the price and the relatively small amount you get I thought it would be cool to have a cremation wake where anyone who wanted could take a diamond (especially for me since that is my job).
But when I found out they’re not cheaper than natural diamonds I figured that’s not going to happen.

http://www.lifegem.com/ is the place I first heard about it through. But judging by what this one was referred to as there must be more than one company doing it now.

That’s what got me. Other man made but genuine gems are cheaper than naturals.
I think they’re playing on the sympathy to make a buck and the diamond cartels are keeping the prices of man mades high so people don’t buy them.

None of that would surprise me. I mean, seriously, the whole funeral thing is a cash cow. People won’t stop dieing! My aunt recently died and her children (2 daughters and a son) had to raise money for the things they felt they HAD to have at the funeral. Flowers, angel statues, handouts, dvd with pics on it, music, food, candles with her picture on it. All of this was “provided” by the funeral home for a “nominal” increase in price. I have no clue how much they spent but isn’t it bad enough they lost a mother? Why can’t we have a less expensive more constructive way of dealing with death? Why do we have to run ourselves into bankruptcy for death? it just doesn’t make any sense.

I agree. I’ve decided that when I die, I want to be cremated and have my ashes scattered. If my kids would like to keep some of the ashes, that’s fine, but they have to promise me to at least let half of me go to the wind! I’d go crazy spending the rest of my death in a little tightly sealed jar! :teehee: I don’t want a big funeral either, not even a real funeral…I’d prefer for my family to just have a little get together on their own and be there for each other and not have to worry about funeral costs and all that stuff.

WHAT!! please tell me you are talking about his mothers ashes not a carefully preserved body in a shiny glass case in the living room!!

My mum keeps threatening to find a taxidermist who will preserve and stuff her body and then put in her will that my brother have to keep looking after her after her death … im sure shes only joking. well i hope to hell that she is only joking!

Compared to that a diamond seems quite nice.