I Just Scared Myself

I was sitting here in my recliner watching the idiot box and knitting a Palindrome scarf for a friend. I suddenly realized that I had been knitting and had reached the end of the row and hadn’t been looking at my knitting but rather looking at the tv.

As I always pay attention to my knitting I kinda freaked out, sure I must have totally messed up the row. I carefully checked it over and found that I had in fact knit the whole row without looking at it and hadn’t made any mistakes. Whew!

I got really, really lucky as I can’t knit without looking at what I am doing.

Aaah! But you just proved that that isn’t true!

I think you just proved you are a more acomplished knitter that you thought you were! Way to go!!!

lol i was thinking the same thing. that is clearly not true that you can’t knit without looking! :wink:

Nah, just a lucky Irishman. :rofl:

I can only knit and purl in rows without looking, and I still drop a stitch or 2. Good job:knitting:

I couldn’t even do that intentionally. Trust me, I just got lucky.

Luck, schmuck. You rock the knitting world. just admit it:knitting:

Let me guess, You have one of those automatic Rigs, with flywheel transmission, and a Road reader so you do not even have to stear (Direct connected to the GPS, to read hthe signs for you)
or do you know how to drive without looking at the gearbox, and you know the signs by color and shape, and you know how the rig is gonna turn and shift with each raise of grade or turn of the road (you KNOW it handles differently than a Civic)

You have just reached the point where your body, hands, Wrists, fingers know how to make the needles move on a bit of auto pilot. You have been doing this more than you think
I like to work on some knitting projects while watching a Class I M subbing for, FREAKS the kids out, that are not paying attention, then I NAIL them for interupting their neighbors work.
am i MEAN or what??

but knitting by feel, by Wrote, by autopilot is a natural step in our evolution. (am i being literary again??)


Sounds like you’ve turned the corner from being a newbie to a semi-pro! Congrats! You’ve got me beat! :cheering:

Um…(saying this a gently as I can so as to not further scare you)…yes you can. :wink:

That’s pretty neat…

Oh… just think, it might happen again! :lol:

Nah, I’m still very much a newbie. But thanks.

OooOoooooh! Mulderknitter called you a schmuck! I’m tellin’!!!




:cheering: way to go, Mason. I’ve yet to journey that path.

Excellent! It makes it easier to watch TV when you can do a little w/o looking… a whole row? Awesome! :yay:

Just a matter of time before you’ll be knitting in your sleep. :teehee:

And on a side note, I just want to say… Great choice on your scarf pattern! How many Palindromes is this for you now? :slight_smile:

:thumbsup: That’s Great!! Now you can enjoy more of the “idiot’s box” :teehee: