I Just Received A Bunch Of Needles

My mother called a little while ago and asked me to come down to her place. She had been digging through some boxes and had found a whole bunch of old knitting needles (straights) that had once belonged to her best friend (my first baby sitter) who passed a way a couple of years ago. She wanted me to come and get them as she didn’t think that she would ever use them.

There were a half dozen or so that didn’t have mates, and 10 pairs of needles in various sizes. They’re all aluminum which is a shame as I was kind of hoping at least some of them would be wood.

My straight needle collection has just grown a lot in the span of a few minutes.

That’s awsome! I’ts great that your mom thought to give those needles to you. Hey, don’t you have the KP Options? Whoa, you’re rolling in knitting needles, aren’t you :teehee:

:happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

What a great surprise!!!

Since I’m new to knitting, I have only 5 pairs of straight needles.
I would dream to have a surprise like that.



Yeah, all of a sudden I have more needles than places to keep them. I’m gonna have to come up with some sort of roll up needle case for all these extra needles.

I guess after seeing my first finished sock Mom figured I might actually stand a chance of learning how to knit. :rofl:

Yeah it was pretty cool.

You should learn how to sew and make yourself a knitting needle case :teehee:

I can sew I just don’t especially enjoy it.

Oh, I didn’t know that you could sew (that rhymes… sorry, off topic) That’s really cool! I’ve always wanted to learn, but I’m too lazy :slight_smile:

Whoa, you’re rolling in knitting needles, aren’t you

This is a not a good suggestion! This is how knitting gets the rap as being a dangerous hobby.

Well, don’t get me wrong, my sewing skills are pretty basic, but I learned enough for simple sewing tasks like buttons, hemming, and the like. I once sewed a bathrobe that didn’t come out too badly.


my gf made a felted needle bag…I’ll see where she got the pattern…

I’d think that it would be just big enough for the longest needle, and then you can poke them in…:slight_smile:


WOW…that is SOOOOO cool!!! and a free pattern!!!

Cool Heather. I was thinking about something along those lines.

Last time I went to Hobby Lobby, they sold these roll-up paint brush carriers. They weren’t very expensive. I wonder if the straight needles could fit in 'em.

Congrats on your new pieces!!

Aww! Aren’t mums great! My mother-in-law gave me most of my needles and a couple of small needle cases :muah:

Hope you get some good use out of them!

I’ll have to check them out at Hobby Lobby and see if they would be the right size.

That’s so nice of your mum!

Took me a while to find this (link below)… knew I saw it somewhere before. I’ve been meaning to make a holder for a couple years now, my new sewing machine just sits there, abandoned. (I don’t like to sew much either I’ve realised) So, like Mason, you could KNIT one. Course it must be alot easier just to use fabric and roll em up. Some old thin suede would be cool too. One of these days I’m going to make me a holder instead of throwing them all in a bag everytime I go somewhere…


Thanks Victoise.

How cool is that Mason~~ sentimental journey, token from your childhood babysitter~
Hey as far as the singles… I have heard of people using just a regular straight needle for a cableing needles~` maybe it could still be useful although it lost it’s friend~! :teehee:

Patons has one too: http://www.patonsyarns.com/pattern.php?PID=1230