I just purged my stash!

Holy Hallelujah!!!
I have four full shopping bags of odds and sods that I just couldn’t stand looking at anymore.

It’s like a great cloud has lifted. I feel GREAT! I’ll give it away at knitting group on Thursday, maybe they can use it up. If not, it goes in to the “help yourself” bin and new knitters can help themselves to practice. (this is at the library, its a super place).

now I can focus on some lovely wools and get some sweaters done for winter.

after I finish the grandpa sweater. Sleeves are well under way. (of course, I already had to frog twice…)

yay me. :cheering: :cheering: :woohoo: :woot:


Wow! Good for you! You must feel like a huge weight has been lifted! I need to do that too. You may have started something good! The new knitters will love you. That’s a really nice thing to do for them!

I felt like Santa at the library knitting group yesterday. Nearly ALL of it was rehomed to good friends and knitters. The rest was put in the ‘grab bag’ donation bin for anyone who might be interested. Wow.

I can see my whole church pew again, (where I stored it all). of course, now I need to make some cushions, or a throw for it…

I still have lots of wool.

I’m so happy for you. It is such fun to share with those that are liked minded. I can imagine the smiles, ohs and ahs from your friends. They are blessed to have a friend like you.

Well said! What a good feeling to put that yarn to a good use and make so many other people happy at the same time.

me to i go toa knitting group every week and i am bringing with me
nie to look at a empty space