I just ordered these patterns from KNit Picks

:cheering: :cheering: I just ordered these two beautiful patterns from Knit Picks. One is for a pretty bag with lots of color and the other is a SKIRT and poncho pattern for a child. :XX:



I can’t wait go get these. That skirt will be so cute on my 3 yr. old gd. :happydance:

I ordered the bag pattern last week and it just shipped this morning! They are a little slow to ship but I’m looking forward to making it!

I got the little skirt pattern for my little girl… It will be my first fair isle project… I want to start it soon but gotta empty some of my needles first :lol:


How did I miss the pattern for that bag?

Must. Not. Press. Button.

Oh go ahead! The whole thing with yarn only came to about $25 shipped! :lol:

lol i ordered the bag pattern too when i ordered my el super cheapo Denise’s…don’t know how it jumped out at me because i wasn’t really looking for anything but there it was and i had to order it! :thumbsup:

Oh go ahead! The whole thing with yarn only came to about $25 shipped! :lol:[/quote]

Thanks for the help Jan! I’ll let you know which colors I pick! :rofling:

Oh go ahead! The whole thing with yarn only came to about $25 shipped! :lol:[/quote]

Thanks for the help Jan! I’ll let you know which colors I pick! :rofling:[/quote]

Glad to be of service! :lol: I just picked the colors they had this time because it was so bright and cheerful. It would be gorgeous in so many of the others, too! :thinking:

Oh my! I absolutely love that bag!!!

:smiley: Love them both :smiley:

i’ve been dying to do that bag for weeks now!! must finish other project first. :rollseyes:

I just showed my daugther the knitted skirt pattern that I plan to make for her daughter and she likes it!! :happydance: I haven’t received the patterns in the mail yet…seems like forever. lol I plan to knit it up then buy a top to match and surprise my gd with it. She is 3 yrs. old and sees grandma knit every day. But this skirt I will NOT knit in front of her. I want to surprise her with it. :XX: :XX:

i cast on the bag today…i am using Katia Idea …the yarn cost me more than i had intended for the bag but the colors are so pretty i couldn’t help it. i just need one more ball but i think i found one at the other LYS in town so i will likely head over there sometime this week but since i have seven other colors to go through first! :wink:

Yes, that bag is so pretty. I wasn’t able to order the yarn when I ordered the pattern but I will as soon as I can. Would be pretty in Fall colors too. The handles are easy to come by. Don’t forget to show us yours when you are done. :XX:

I got my yarn and pattern yesterday! :cheering:

Ooo, I have that pattern coming in soon too with my new option needles. Can’t wait to buy some yarn for it.


I am on the first color of my tote bag. I am using fall colors. If it comes out as well as I hope…then maybe I’ll do Spring colors next time around.

oooh i wanted to go to hobby lobby today to get the handles for mine but i can’t. will have to go on Saturday I guess. Mine is done but for the lining and the handle attaching. It is by no means perfect (the cables are impossible to see on the bottom portion cuz i completely did it wrong, but i don’t care…i like the way it looks well enough to just leave it be.

When you get to the top band though let me suggest purling LOOOSELY in the rows before the bobble row! :shock:

Good idea! I didn’t have that problem, but I do find that stitch a pain! :rollseyes: The rest of it is easy though and it’s fun and pretty!