I just ordered my wheel!

Spinning class today was awesome. i tried out 3 different wheels. it was just like goldilocks and the three bear’s porridge!

Ashford Joy- i hated. it was too short, and the way the wheel was set up, if i got off rhythm that thing would reverse on me in a heart beat! maybe eventually i’d be a lot more with it, so i could actually use it, but dang…i wrestled that wheel more then use it.

Louet S10- I actually liked this one a lot. the only things that bothered me was the angle of the pedal had the toe down too much, so it stressed out my right knee (bad knee). and the bobbin drive made it really obvious in my yarn if i slowed down my treadling at all.

Lendrum ST- This one was ALMOST just right. my teacher’s wheel is 20+ years old, so it had a wire going from the treadle to the wheel which made the dead spot a little bit bigger then i’d think it’d be. otherwise, perfect height, sturdy, and nice looking. plus it can be folded away out of the hands of the helpful toddler! she pointed out the newer lendrums have a wooden piece where the wire is. SOLD!

came home, told hubby, and santa called and ordered my Lendrum ST today with some Karaoke Top to spin on christmas morning!!!
:woot: :woot: :woohoo: :woot: :woot:

:yay: I had a very similar experience when I took my first spinning class. I tried the Ashford Joy, Louet S10, Louet Victoria and a Schadt. I didn’t really fall in love with any of them but when I tried out the Lendrum DT I knew it was the perfect wheel for me.

Congrats on your wheel purchase! :yay:

The only spinning wheel I’ve ever sat at is a Lendrum. If and when I can get into spinning, we would need more room, a Lendrum it would be. Out of four friends who spin, three have them.

Congratulations on your new ‘toy’!