I just ordered a mystery bag of yarn!

I hope I don’t regret it :shock:

From WEBS?

no I got it from www.discountyarnsale.com I am afraid now that I will get 50.00 worth of acrylic :shock:

Oh :cheering: I hope you love it all!! I guess that’s part of the “Mystery”. :happydance:

Me too! I was having trouble deciding what I wanted to buy for yarn so I figured what the heck I will post pictures when I get it so everyone can see and decide if it is worth it .

I bet you won’t – probably odd balls of cool yarn! :slight_smile:

ugh i would get nothing but BROWN if i did that! :rofling:

You’re brave! I’m sure they make it pretty good though or they’d have lots of complaints.

I think you’ll get cool stuff, too. You won’t know what to do with them, but they’ll be nice! :smiley:

I think you’ll get some neat stuff, too. If they put only icky yarn in word would get around and no one would order it! Keeping fingers crossed for you!

I am usually not a risk taker but last week I cut my hair off and this week I made this risky yarn purchase I don’t know what has gotten into me :devil:

AGH! Can we see a pic of the new hair? I always wonder when I’m going to do that :slight_smile:

I don’t have one yet but I will post one soon.

:cheering: I hope you get lots of great yarns in the mystery bag! Be sure to post pics of what you get! :wink:

Man–I think I’d blow my $50.00 at Littleknits or Knitpicks or elann, or One Fine Yarn ( many others I just won’t list!!)!! I know it doesn’t go very far, but I’ve never liked surprises so very much–especially if I was the one paying for them! :shock:

:smiley: I can’t wait to see the yarn porn :wink:

Me either and I just ordered more from knit picks Andean Silk I think my husband is going to take the my computer away !!! :shock: :shock:

I LOVE brown. It’s one of my favorite colors! Really! It looks good with my complexion and hair. I also love yellow, just because I love it.

Funny that my two favorite colors are reminiscent of the bathroom. Ugh!

I had my hair cut last week too. She cut off WAY too much. I told her I wanted a Summer cut. I should have said I wanted a Spring cut.

blueeyes28: When will you get this bag of yarn? Now you got me very curious to find out what you can get out of $50 of mystery.