I just met Vicky Howell!

She came to our LYS (THe Yarn Garden in Portland Oregon. Mecca of yarn stores, seriously) on her book tour for her new book. It’s a book of patterns from the knitty Gritty show. She was so awsome!!! She was so nice and answered everyone’s questions and was just a real person that was hanging out at the store with us. I was first in line for her to sign my book too. Oh it was great. Except the part where my son kept tuggin at me to go but otherwise it was fun!!! yippee! So tell us when she comes to your town! She’ll be in Seattle tomorrow and Sunday (where she will be blogging all day through the superbowl getting folks to knit for warm up America)

How exciting!! She seems pretty “normal” on Knitty Gritty, so it’s nice to know she really is! Plus, I think she is SUPER cool because she has red hair…and so do I! :teehee:

Oh, wow! How very exciting for you! :cheering: I wonder where all she’s supposed to be.

How exciting!!!

Here’s a link to her tour:

She’s in Seattle tomorrow…I might have to stop by for quick chat. She’s very cool.

How fun!!!

It doesn’t look like she’s going to make it to the East side of the state :pout: :pout:

If any of you go see her in Seattle ask her if she’s going to stop here in Spokane!