I just love my daughter-in-law!

She just called me at work a few minutes ago to tell me that she put my grandson in the sweater I knit him for his birthday in September and he looks so cute in it that she want to order more! This is the same daughter in law who wanted me to knit something for him to come from the hospital in when he was born and I did and she did put him in it! She just appreciates what I knit so much and lets me know it. She tells everyone " his grandma knit it for him" I just love her.


That is so awesome! I have a great mother-in-law too and it’s a very special bond. I’m glad your daughter-in-law appreciates you so much and all the loving knitting that you do.

That’s great! It’s always so nice to know there are people who truly appreciate the time and love that goes into handmade items.

That’s wonderful. :slight_smile:

Oh how wonderful. SO glad to hear people still appreciate hand made gifts.

Lucky you!!!

What a great feeling that must be!

That’s fabulous! :yay:

Awwww, that is so nice! :slight_smile:

That’s a really sweet DIL you have. My MIL, who passed away in August, was the same way with everything I ever made for her. She’d have her picture taken in/with it and send it to me, what a sweetheart she was!

How sweet of your DIL!

:muah:what a sweetie! I love my MIL too~she’s a wonderful woman, very crafty-she does beautiful stained glass, she knits (made DD the cutest hat!) and has all sorts of interesting hobbies/interests.

My DMom made me a beautiful log cabin blanket which I LOVE and use daily since receiving it about a week ago :teehee: and she’s made me socks (my favorite cozy footwear!) and she’s made my DD a beautiful red cotton-ease Wallaby sweater (which DD adores) that she wore just yesterday. Whenever we go out I always want to put her in that, it looks so adorable on her :aww::aww::aww:

Anyway~its so nice to be appreciated, isn’t it?? Good for you!

That is so sweet! Isn’t it great to have your work appreciated?