I just joined!

I crochet alot but I also have knitted some-I’m looking for a patten for a men’s sweater–i hope I can explain what I’m looking for-I would like to know what they call the sweaters that have colored pictures in them --ex-deer, fish within the pattern-does anyone know what they’re called or where to find a pattern for a nice (not pull over sweater) Thank you. :muah: [/b]

Hi! I don’t know if I can help, but I wanted to say welcome. Are you talking about a sweater with an animal worked in yarn? I’m not aware that there’s a specific name for that kind of sweater, but there are lots of sweaters at www.knittingpatterncentral.com

Those pictures knitted in are called intarsia. You can look for a sweater pattern containing a picture, but it might not be the picture and jumper you wanted, so I’d suggest finding a plainer man’s jumper pattern, and adding in a chart. There’s a video demonstrating intarsia on this site. There’s also a site where one can convert a picture into a chart:

but I think this may have been created for embroidery, where the squares are square. In knitting, each stitch is rectangular, I’d suggest drawing out your chosen pattern on knitter’s graph paper.

There’s another type of colourwork, with smaller colour blocks, and patterns that tend to look geometric - think those hats/Norwegian mittens with small snowflake patterns on them. I’m virtually certain they’re not the kind you want, but keep them in mind: called ‘stranded colourwork’ or sometimes ‘Fair Isle’.